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Coping with Climate Change

The Petroleum Group convened a three day international meeting on the geological aspects of coping with climate change, intended to be of interest to most of the Society’s specialist groups and to many outside the Society.  In addition to the formal sessions of the conference, the President of the Society, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, chaired a debate between BP Vice President Greg Coleman and ExxonMobil Vice President Frank Sprow.

Resources from the Coping with Climate Change meeting

'Oceans Apart' - an introductory opinion piece by Bryan Lovell, convenor of the meeting, first published in the January 2003 issue of Geoscientist

'Oily War' - a think piece by Bryan Lovell on future energy issues

Opening Addresses to the Coping with Climate Change debate, by Frank Sprow and Greg Coleman

Q and A Session

'Commit Regulate Develop' - a report of the Coping with Climate Change debate, by Ted Nield

'Stability is not an Option' - reflections on the debate, by David Jenkins

UK Policy Background - the 2003 Energy White Paper

Atlantic Closes for Oil Giants - a statement by ExxonMobil on the rift between oil giants in Europe and the US