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Creationism and the Giant's Causeway

5 July 2012

The Geological Society of London understands that a new information stand at the Giants Causeway includes a creationist view as part of a discussion of its origins.

The Society upholds the right of freedom of belief for all. It considers that creationist views should be presented as religious belief, and not as a scientific theory.

Professor Alan Lord, the Society’s External Relations Secretary, said ‘The Geological community has long accepted the age of the Giant’s Causeway to be approximately 60 million years, as proved by radiometric dating, and not thousands of years as creationists believe. There is no debate as to its volcanic origin, and that the hexagonal structures are a contraction phenomenon, formed during cooling of the lava.’

In a 2008 statement, “‘Young Earth Creationism’, ‘Creation Science’ and ‘Intelligent Design’”, the Society said;

‘Science's business is to investigate the constitution of the universe, and cannot pronounce on any concept that lies "beyond" nature. The idea that the Earth was divinely created in the geologically recent past... and the allied belief that features of the universe and of living things are better explained as the direct result of action by an intelligent cause than by natural processes, represent...a trespass upon the domain of science.’