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Books Editorial Committee

The Books Editorial Committee (BEC) is a sub-committee of the Publications and Information Committee which is a standing committee of Council, and is responsible for the scientific quality control of all Society (and co-published) books.

The BEC is composed of Society Books Editors and Books Advisory Editors. The Chair of the BEC (The Books Chief Editor) is an ex-officio member of the PIC. Each volume has an individual Society Books Editor assigned to it, but the main point of contact should be the Head of Editorial Development, David Boyt.




Committee Members


  • Teresa Sabato Ceraldi (BP, UK)

Society Books Editors

  • Angela Coe (The Open University, UK)
  • Katriona Edlmann (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Jim Griffiths (University of Plymouth, UK)
  • Mads Huuse (The University of Manchester)
  • Rob Knipe (University of Leeds, UK)
  • Phil Leat (British Antarctic Survey, UK)
  • Dan Le Heron (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • Valentina Marzia Rossi (Italian National Research Council, Italy)
  • Randell Stephenson (University of Aberdeen, UK)
  • Gabor Tari (OMV Exploration and Production GmbH, Austria)
  • Mark Whiteman (Environment Agency, Leeds, UK)

Society Books Advisors

  • Sietske J. Batenburg (University of Barcelona, Spain)
  • Kathakali Bhattacharyya (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), India)
  • Paula Dentzien-Dias (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande DO SUL, Brazil)
  • Christian Koeberl (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • Xiumian Hu (Nanjing University, China)
  • Sónia Silva Victória (University of Cape Verde, Cape Verde)