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Protoctista 1, vol 1, Charophyta

Product Code: UTREB
Series: GSA Treatise Paleontology
Author/Editor: Roger L. Kaesler
Publication Date: 09 September 2005
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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part B deals generally with plantlike autotrophic protoctists. Included in the charophyte volume are introductory chapters covering morphology, mineralization, techniques for preparation and study, ecology and paleoecology, biogeography, stratigraphic distribution and paleobiogeography, stratigraphic range chart, biozonation, evolutionary history, molecular phylogeny, classification, and glossary. Systematic descriptions of the phylum Charophyta include the orders Moellerinales, Sycidiales, and Charales, followed by a comprehensive reference list and index.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-3002-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-3002-8
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 184
Weight: 0.70 kg


Information on Treatise Volumes

•Editorial Preface (Roger L. Kaesler)

• Stratigraphic Divisions

• Coordinating Author's Preface (Monique Feist)

• Repositories And Their Abbreviations

• Morphology (Micheline Guerlesquin And Monique Feist)

• Morphology of Living Charophyta

• Morphology of Fossil Charophyta

• Mineralization (Monique Feist)

• Mineral Composition

• Isotopic Composition

• Techniques for preparation and Study of Fossil Charophyta (Monique Feist)

• Release From Matrix

• Concentration of Fossils

• Cleaning

• Coloration

• Preparing Thin Sections of Gyrogonites

• Observation and Photography

• Measurements

• Ecology And Paleoecology (Monique Feist And Micheline Guerlesquin)

• Water Quality

• Substratum

• Depth

• Light

• Temperature

• Salinity

• Alkalinity

• Content Of Lime In Water

• Modes Of Life Of Fossil Genera

• Fossil Genera With Extant Representatives

• Totally Extinct Genera

• Paleoecology Of Paleozoic Charophytes: Were They Marine?

• Biogeography (Micheline Guerlesquin And Monique Feist)

• Introduction

• Areas Of Distribution

• Stratigraphic Distribution And Paleobiogeography (Monique Feist And Nicole Grambast-Fessard)

• Paleozoic

• Mesozoic

• Cenozoic

• Biozonation (Monique Feist, With Contributions From Lu Huinan, Wang Qifei, And Zhang Shenzen)

• Introduction (Monique Feist)

• Paleozoic (Lu Huinan, Zhang Shenzen, And Wang Qifei)

• Mesozoic?Cenozoic (Monique Feist)

• Evolutionary History (Monique Feist And Nicole Grambast-Fessard)

• Trends In Character Evolution

• General Evolution

• Evolution Of Charophyte Biodiversity

• Molecular Phylogeny (R. M. Mccourt, K. G. Karol, And Monique Feist)

• Introduction

• Methods Of Molecular Phylogenetic Studies

• Molecular Phylogeny And Implications For Fossil Charophytes

• Summary

• Classification Of Charophyta (Monique Feist And Nicole Grambast-Fessard)

• Early Works In The History Of Charophyte Classification

• Development Of Charophyte Classification

• Classification Adopted In The Treatise

• Glossary (Monique Feist And Micheline Guerlesquin)

• Systematic Descriptions (Monique Feist And Nicole Grambast-Fessard)

• Phylum Charophyta

• Class Charophyceae

• Order Moellerinales

• Family Moellerinaceae

• Family Pseudomoellerinaceae

• Order Sycidiales

• Family Sycidiaceae

• Family Trochiliscaceae

• Family

• Chovanellaceae

• Family Pinnoputamenaceae

• Order Charales

• Suborder Palaeocharineae

• Family Eocharaceae

• Family Palaeocharaceae

• Suborder

• Charineae

• Family Porocharaceae

• Family Clavatoraceae

• Family Raskyellaceae

• Family Characeae

• Nomina Dubia And Generic Names Wrongly Attributed To Charophytes (Monique Feist And Nicole Grambast-Fessard)

• Nomina Dubia

• Generic Names Wrongly Attributed To Charophytes

• Ranges Of Taxa

• References

• Index


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