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Management and Restoration of Fluvial Systems with Broad Historical Changes and Human Impacts

Product Code: USPE451
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Edited by L. Allan James, Sara L. Rathburn, and G. Richard Whittecar
Publication Date: 26 May 2009
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GSA Special Paper 451.

Rivers serve as the arteries of environmental systems, the lateral connections that convey pulses of water, sediment, and nutrients down through valley networks. In most watersheds, fluvial geomorphic processes and surface hydrology operate dynamically at various temporal and spatial scales, and intimately influence both flood and drought hazards. Management of surface-water resources has become increasingly urgent as concerns escalate over global environmental change, water scarcity, food production, resource sustainability, and biodiversity. Thus, the science of rivers and the human dimensions of river management now receive unprecedented study. The fourteen papers in this volume bridge classic late-twentieth-century fluvial geomorphology with modern concepts of river management and restoration. They apply perspectives of integrated watershed science, anthropogenic impacts, and historical changes to a modern fluvial geomorphology.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780813724515
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 229
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Managing rivers with broad historical changes and human impacts, Allan James, Sara L. Rathburn, and G. Richard Whittecar

Large-Scale, Long-Term Sediment and Geomorphic Changes

Sediment regime constraints on river restoration—An example from the Lower Missouri River, Robert B. Jacobson, Dale W. Blevins, and Chance J. Bitner
Channel, floodplain, and wetland responses to floods and overbank sedimentation, 1846–2006, Halfway Creek Marsh, Upper Mississippi Valley, Wisconsin, Faith A. Fitzpatrick, James C. Knox, and Joseph P. Schubauer-Berigan
Persistence of effects of high sediment loading in a salmon-bearing river, northern California, Mary Ann Madej and Vicki Ozaki
Historical channel changes in the lower Yuba and Feather Rivers, California: Long-term effects of contrasting river-management strategies, L. Allan James, Michael B. Singer, Subhajit Ghoshal, and Mary Megison
Channel adjustments in northern and central Italy over the last 200 years
Nicola Surian, Massimo Rinaldi, Luisa Pellegrini, Chiara Audisio, Franca Maraga, Liliana Teruggi, Ornella Turitto, and Luca Ziliani
Bank erosion along the dam-regulated lower Roanoke River, North Carolina, Cliff R. Hupp, Edward R. Schenk, Jean M. Richter, Robert K. Peet, and Philip A. Townsend
Planform change and stream power in the Kishwaukee River watershed, Illinois: Geomorphic assessment for environmental management, Inci Güneralp and Bruce L. Rhoads
Geomorphic evolution of the Le Sueur River, Minnesota, USA, and implications for current sediment loading, Karen B. Gran, Patrick Belmont, Stephanie S. Day, Carrie Jennings, Andrea Johnson, Lesley Perg, and Peter R. Wilcock

Hydrologic Considerations for River Restoration

Vanishing riverscapes: A review of historical channel change on the western Great Plains, Ellen Wohl, Dena Egenhoff, and Kelly Larkin
Characterizing environmental flows for maintenance of river ecosystems: North Fork Cache la Poudre River, Colorado, Sara L. Rathburn, David M. Merritt, Ellen E. Wohl, John S. Sanderson, and Heather A.L. Knight
Testing the linear relationship between peak annual river discharge and drainage area using long-term USGS river gauging records, Joshua C. Galster

River Management and Restoration

Geomorphic changes resulting from floods in reconfigured gravel-bed river channels in Colorado, USA, John G. Elliott and Joseph P. Capesius
Assessing geomorphological and ecological responses in restored step-pool systems, Anne Chin, Alison H. Purcell, Jennifer W.Y. Quan, and Vincent H. Resh
River restoration strategies in channelized, low-gradient landscapes of West Tennessee, USA, Douglas P. Smith, Timothy H. Diehl, Leslie A. Turrini-Smith, Jason Maas-Baldwin, and Zachary Croyle


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