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Mojave-Sonora Megashear Hypothesis: Development, Assessment, and Alternative, The

Product Code: USPE393
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Edited by Thomas H. Anderson, Jonathan A. Nourse, James W. McKee and Maureen B. Steiner
Publication Date: 01 October 2005
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GSA Special Paper 393.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the idea that a great fault, the Mojave-Sonora megashear, served as the plate boundary of southwestern North America in the Late Jurassic. The volume is organized into three parts to illuminate separate aspects of the megashear controversy. For the first time, the original U-Pb analyses and field observations that led to development of the megashear hypothesis are presented (three articles) along with their detailed geologic context. Seventeen papers included in the assessment section document significant efforts by numerous geoscientists to tackle various aspects of the problem. Finally, to provide a balanced perspective, five articles in the alternatives section argue against existence of the megashear as originally proposed and provide alternative interpretations to explain geologic relations in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. The volume includes diverse studies that consider the stratigraphy, structure, geochronology, geochemistry, and paleontology of relevant geologic units.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2393-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2393-8
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 692
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Development 1.The Mojave-Sonora megashear - Field and analytical studies leading to the conception and evolution of the hypothesis, Thomas H. Anderson and Leon T. Silver
• 2. Jurassic rocks in Sonora, Mexico: Relations to Mojave-Sonora megashear and its inferred northwestward extension, Thomas H. Anderson, José Luis Rodríguez-Castañeda, and Leon T. Silver
• 3. Pull-apart basins at releasing bends of the sinistral Late Jurassic Mojave-Sonora fault system, Thomas H. Anderson and Jonathan A. Nourse
Assessment 4. Contrasting Proterozoic basement complexes near the truncated margin of Laurentia, northwestern Sonora-Arizona international border region, Jonathan A. Nourse, Wayne R. Premo, Alexander Iriondo, and Erin R. Stahl
• 5. Paleoproterozoic Mojave province in northwestern Mexico? Isotopic and U-Pb zircon geochronologic studies of Precambrian and Cambrian crystalline and sedimentary rocks, Caborca, Sonora, G. Lang Farmer, Samuel A. Bowring, Guadalupe Espinosa Maldonado, Christopher Fedo, and Joe Wooden
• 6. The crust at northwestern Mexico interpreted from Magsat anomalies: Implications for existence of the Mojave-Sonora megashear, J.O. Campos-Enríquez, E. Hernández-Quintero, and M. Lozada-Zumaeta
• 7. Evidence for Mojave-Sonora megashear - Systematic left-lateral offset of Neoproterozoic to Lower Jurassic strata and facies, western United States and northwestern Mexico, John H. Stewart
• 8. Review of Upper Paleozoic and Lower Mesozoic stratigraphy and depositional environments, central and west Mexico: Constraints on terrane analysis and paleogeography, Elena Centeno-García
• 9. New data on the lithostratigraphy, detrital zircon and Nd isotope provenance, and paleogeographic setting of the El Antimonio Group, Sonora, Mexico, Carlos M. González-León, George D. Stanley Jr., George E. Gehrels, and Elena Centeno-García
• 10. Lower Mesozoic facies and crosscutting sequence boundaries: Constraints on displacement of the Caborca terrane, John E. Marzolf and Thomas H. Anderson
• 11. Possible Early Triassic location of the Caborca block, Maureen B. Steiner, Oleg Pinos, Spencer G. Lucas, John E. Marzolf, and John W. Estep
• 12. Middle Jurassic Topawa Group, Baboquivari Mountains, south-central Arizona: Volcanic and sedimentary record of deep basins within the Jurassic magmatic arc, Gordon B. Haxel, James E. Wright, Nancy R. Riggs, Richard M. Tosdal, and Daniel J. May
• 13. Climatic and tectonic controls on Jurassic intra-arc basins related to northward drift of North America, Cathy J. Busby, Kari N. Bassett, Maureen B. Steiner, and Nancy R. Riggs
• 14. Tectonic setting of the Glance Conglomerate along the Sawmill Canyon fault zone, southern Arizona: A sequence analysis of an intra-arc strike-slip basin, Kari N. Bassett and Cathy J. Busby
• 15. Pre-Late Jurassic fossil-bearing volcanic and sedimentary red beds of Huizachal Canyon, Tamaulipas, Mexico, David E. Fastovsky, O. Don Hermes, Nicholas H. Strater, Samuel A. Bowring, James M. Clark, Marisol Montellano, and Rene Hernandez R.
• 16. The Taray Formation: Jurassic (?) mélange in northern Mexico-Tectonic implications, Thomas H. Anderson, Norris W. Jones, and James W. McKee
• 17. Pangean reconstruction of the Yucatan block: Its Permian, Triassic, and Jurassic geologic and tectonic history, Maureen B. Steiner
• 18. Mesozoic basin formation, mass-gravity sedimentation, and inversion in northeastern Sonora and southeastern Arizona, James W. McKee, Mary Beth McKee, and Thomas H. Anderson
• 19. Reactivation of the San Marcos fault during mid-to-late Tertiary extension, Chihuahua, Mexico, José Jorge Aranda-Gómez, Todd B. Housh, James F. Luhr, Christopher D. Henry, Tim Becker, and Gabriel Chávez-Cabello
• 20. A reconstruction of late Miocene to Recent transtension in southwestern United States and northwesternmost Mexico, John A. Dembosky Jr. and Thomas H. Anderson
Alternatives 21. Tectonic synthesis of the Ouachita-Marathon-Sonora orogenic margin of southern Laurentia: Stratigraphic and structural implications for timing of deformational events and plate-tectonic model, Forrest G. Poole, William J. Perry Jr., Raul J. Madrid, and Ricardo Amaya-Martínez
• 22. A new reconstruction of the Paleozoic continental margin of southwestern North America: Implications for the nature and timing of continental truncation and the possible role of the Mojave-Sonora megashear, Calvin H. Stevens, Paul Stone, and Jonathan S. Miller
• 23. Chihuahua Trough - A Jurassic pull-apart basin, Walter T. Haenggi and William R. Muehlberger
• 24. Northward Laramide thrusting in the Quitovac region, northwestern Sonora, Mexico: Implications for juxtaposition of Paleoproterozoic basement blocks and the Mojave-Sonora megashear hypothesis, Alexander Iriondo, Luis M. Martínez-Torres, Michael J. Kunk, William W. Atkinson Jr., Wayne R. Premo, and William C. McIntosh
• 25. Isotopic provinces in Laramide and mid-Tertiary igneous rocks of northwestern Mexico (Chihuahua and Sonora) and their relation to basement configuration, Todd B. Housh and Fred W. McDowell
• Index 


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