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Hydraulic tests of Miocene volcanic rocks at Yucca Mountain and Pahute Mesa and implications for groundwater flow in the in the SW Nevada Volcanic Field, Nevada & California

Product Code: USPE381
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Arthur L. Geldon
Publication Date: 31 August 2004
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GSA Special Paper 381.

Pahute Mesa was the principal site for underground nuclear tests in the United States, and Yucca Mountain is the proposed site for this nation’s first permanent high-level nuclear-waste repository. This paper interprets results of hydraulic tests from 41 sites in the Yucca Mountain–Pahute Mesa area, emphasizing 46 new or revised test analyses. Methods used to analyze data account for the dual fracture and matrix permeability of the tuffaceous rocks and lava flows. Because these rocks are unlike many commonly studied aquifer systems, some conventional analytical methods used for pumping tests in porous media could not be used or had to be used with caution. Hydraulic conductivity obtained from drawdown in a pumped well was observed to be comparable to hydraulic conductivity obtained from slug-injection and swabbing-recovery tests but much smaller than hydraulic conductivity obtained from observation-well data. The length of a pumping test also was found to influence the shape of the drawdown curve and, hence, the determination of hydraulic properties. Many pumping test analyses illustrate conclusions about flow-system dynamics and hydraulic properties presented in the paper.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2381-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2381-5
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 104
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Introduction • Location of Study Area • Regional Geology • Regional Groundwater Hydrology • Hydrostratigraphic Units • Groundwater in the Younger Tertiary Tuff and Lava Flows Hydrostratigraphic Unit • Hydraulic Tests • Well Completion and Instrumentation • Flow Distribution in Boreholes • Earth Tides and Barometric Effects • Analytical Methods • Constant-Rate Pumping, Injection, and Airlift Tests • Slug-Injection and Swabbing Recovery Tests • Analytical Uncertainty • Effects of Test Scale on Determination of Hydraulic Properties • Hydraulic Properties • The C-holes Complex • Pumping Test in UE-25 c#3, May 22 to June 1, 1995 • Miscellaneous Hydraulic Tests at the C-holes Complex, 1984–1998 • Pumping Test in UE-25 c#3, May 8, 1996, to November 12, 1997 • Drill Hole Wash • Frenchman Flat • Well Cluster ER-20-6, Western Pahute Mesa • Knickerbocker Site, Western Pahute Mesa • Distribution of Hydraulic Conductivity • Relation of Lithology to Hydraulic Conductivity • Hydraulic Conductivity Distribution at Yucca Mountain • Hydraulic Conductivity Distribution at Pahute Mesa • Summary and Conclusions • Appendix A • Appendix B • References Cited 


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