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Gneiss domes in orogeny

Product Code: USPE380
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Donna L. Whitney, Christian Teyssier, Christine S. Siddoway
Publication Date: 31 August 2004
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GSA Special Paper 380.

Domal structures cored by high-grade metamorphic rocks and granite occur in every exhumed mountain belt worldwide, representing orogenic events from the Archean to the present. Field relationships, thermal histories, and results of modeling of these structures show that dome emplacement and orogenesis are intimately related. Flow of crust in domes focuses lithospheric deformation and strain and is dynamically linked to surface processes. This book illustrates that domes are archives of information about first-order tectonic processes common to contractional, extensional, and transcurrent regimes. Investigations in structural geology, metamorphic and igneous petrology, geochronology, thermochronology, geophysics, and geomorphology, presented in this volume, explore the origin and dynamics of gneiss domes in diverse tectonic settings.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2380-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2380-8
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 399
Weight: 1.10 kg


Reviews and Overviews • 1. Gneiss domes and gneiss dome systems, An Yin • 2. Gneiss domes and crustal flow, Donna L. Whitney, Christian Teyssier, and Olivier Vanderhaeghe • 3. The exhumation of gneiss domes in bivergent wedges: Geometrical concepts and examples from the Himalayan syntaxes, Alan G. Whittington • Geodynamics of Doming • 4. Dome structures in collision orogens: Mechanical investigation of the gravity/compression interplay, Jean-Pierre Burg, Boris J.P. Kaus, and Yuri Yu. Podladchikov • 5. Thermomechanical modeling of extensional gneiss domes, Céline Tirel, Jean-Pierre Brun, and Evgenii Burov • 6. Initiation of gneiss domes by necking, density instability, and erosion, Raymond C. Fletcher and Bernard Hallet • 7. Inherent gravitational instability of hot continental crust: Implications for doming and diapirism in granulite facies terrains, Taras V. Gerya, Leonid L. Perchuk, Walter V. Maresch, and Arne P. Willner • 8. “Cold” diapirs triggered by intrusion of the Bushveld Complex: Insight from two-dimensional numerical modeling, Taras V. Gerya, Ronald Uken, Juergen Reinhardt, Michael K. Watkeys, Walter V. Maresch, and Brendan M. Clarke • 9. Exhumation of orogenic crust: Diapiric ascent versus low-angle normal faulting, Annia K. Fayon, Donna L. Whitney, and Christian Teyssier • Gneiss Domes and Orogeny: Case Studies • 10. Exhumation of Neogene gneiss domes between oblique crustal boundaries in south Karakorum (northwest Himalaya, Pakistan), G. Mahéo, A. Pêcher, S. Guillot, Y. Rolland, and C. Delacourt • 11. Pressure-temperature-time deformation history of the exhumation of ultra-high pressure rocks in the Western Gneiss Region, Norway, L. Labrousse, L. Jolivet, T.B. Andersen, P. Agard, R. Hébert, H. Maluski, and U. Schärer • 12. Strain localization during crustal-scale boudinage to form extensional metamorphic domes in the Aegean Sea, Laurent Jolivet, Vincent Famin, Caroline Mehl, Teddy Parra, Charles Aubourg, Ronan Hébert, and Pascal Philippot • 13. Structural development of the Naxos migmatite dome, Olivier Vanderhaeghe • 14. Gneiss domes and granite emplacement in an obliquely convergent regime: New interpretation of the Variscan Agly Massif (Eastern Pyrenees, France), Ph. Olivier, G. Gleizes, and J.L. Paquette • 15. Elongated domes in extended orogens: A mode of mountain uplift in the Betics (southeast Spain), J.M. Martínez-Martínez, J.I. Soto, and J.C. Balanyá • 16. Origin and emplacement of a middle Cretaceous gneiss dome, Fosdick Mountains, West Antarctica, Christine Smith Siddoway, Stephen M. Richard, C. Mark Fanning, and Bruce P. Luyendyk • 17. Geologic map and summary of the evolution of the Kigluaik Mountains gneiss dome, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Jeffrey M. Amato and Elizabeth L. Miller • 18. The Baltimore Gneiss domes of the Maryland Piedmont, George W. Fisher and Sakiko N. Olsen • 19. Precambrian dome-and-keel structure in the Penokean orogenic belt of northern Michigan, USA, Douglas K. Tinkham, Stephen Marshak • 20. Paleoproterozoic development of a gneiss dome corridor in the southern Lake Superior region, USA D.A. Schneider, D.K. Holm, C. O'Boyle, M. Hamilton, and M. Jercinovic • 21. Migmatitic structures and solid-state diapirism in orthogneiss domes, eastern Grenville Province, Canada, Félix Gervais, Léopold Nadeau, and Michel Malo • Index 


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