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Natural Hazards in El Salvador

Product Code: USPE375
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: William I. Rose, Julian J. Bommer, Dina L. Lopez
Publication Date: 24 February 2004
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GSA Special Paper 375.

Scientists, especially geoscientists, must increasingly focus research, training, and other work on the mitigation of natural hazards in less-developed countries. Each country is different: natural hazard mitigation occupies varying ranks in national priorities, and it is often difficult to complete work that has an impact on a country and builds its infrastructure. The requirements of such work may leave scientists feeling unprepared, and little comprehensive literature is available regarding these challenges. This volume meets a vital need: it focuses on a single country but provides information that will be useful for other countries as well. El Salvador is a small, third-world country with significant seismic, landslide, and volcanic hazards. Recent events in El Salvador include civil war, floods, drought, and major hurricanes, earthquakes, and landslides, and the country has forged a new plan to help it face these severe natural hazards. This plan includes the development of a new geological agency, which is seeking outside assistance. Scientists throughout the world are already doing significant work aimed at helping with this effort, work that is part of a worldwide endeavor to enhance the local infrastructure?s ability to mitigate natural hazards. The effort in El Salvador is of interest to the entire community of natural hazards workers and particularly to geoscientists concentrating on hazard mitigation. This volume highlights volcanic, seismic, and landslide hazards, with contributions from Salvadorans as well as scientists from North America and Europe.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2375-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2375-4
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 508
Weight: 1.50 kg


1. Natural hazards and risk mitigation in El Salvador: An introduction, William I. Rose, Julian J. Bommer, and Ciro A. Sandoval ? 1 Landslides and Debris Flows, 2. The voluminous Acajutla debris avalanche from Santa Ana volcano, western El Salvador, and comparison with other Central American edifice-failure events, Lee Siebert, Paul Kimberly, and Carlos R. Pullinger ? 3. The Las Colinas landslide, Santa Tecla: A highly destructive flowslide triggered by the January 13, 2001, El Salvador earthquake, Stephen G. Evans and Allison L. Bent ? 4. Las Colinas landslide: Rapid and long-traveling soil flow caused by the January 13, 2001, El Salvador earthquake, Kazuo Konagai, Jorgen Johansson, Paola Mayorca, Ryosuke Uzuoka, Tetsuro Yamamoto, Masakatsu Miyajima, Nelson Pulido, Kyoji Sassa, Hiroshi Fukuoka, and Freddy Duran ? 5. Geologic and engineering characterization of Tierra Blanca pyroclastic ash deposits ? Reinaldo Rolo, Julian J. Bommer, Bruce F. Houghton, James W. Vallance, Panagiotis Berdousis, Christina Mavrommati, and William Murphy ? 6. Landslides triggered by the 13 January and 13 February 2001 earthquakes in El Salvador, Randall W. Jibson, Anthony J. Crone, Edwin L. Harp, Rex L. Baum, Jon J. Major, Carlos R. Pullinger, C. Demetrio Escobar, Mauricio Martínez, and Mark E. Smith ? 7. Debris-flow hazards at San Salvador, San Vicente, and San Miguel volcanoes, El Salvador, Jon J. Major, Steven P. Schilling, Carlos R. Pullinger, and C. Demetrio Escobar ? Volcanic Hazards, 8. Apocalypse then: Social science approaches to volcanism, people, and cultures in the Zapotitán Valley, El Salvador, Payson Sheets ? 9. The acid volcanic lake of Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador, Alain Bernard, Carlos Demetrio Escobar, Agnès Mazot, and Ruben Eduardo Gutiérrez ? 10. Spatial and temporal variations of diffuse CO2 degassing at Santa Ana–Izalco–Coatepeque volcanic complex, El Salvador, Central America, José M.L. Salazar, Pedro A. Hernández, Nemesio M. Pérez, Rodolfo Olmos, Francisco Barahona, Rafael Cartagena, Tomás Soriano, Dina L. López, Hirochika Sumino, and Kenji Notsu ? 11. Eruptive history and volcanic hazards of Volcán San Salvador Darrell Sofield ? 12. Subaqueous intracaldera volcanism, Ilopango Caldera, El Salvador, Central America, Crystal P. Mann, John Stix, James W. Vallance, and Mathieu Richer ? 13. Mafic magma injection triggers eruption at Ilopango Caldera, El Salvador, Central America, Mathieu Richer, Crystal P. Mann, and John Stix ? 14. Dynamics of diffuse degassing at Ilopango Caldera, El Salvador, Dina L. López, Loretta Ransom, Nemesio M. Pérez, Pedro A. Hernández, and Jeannette Monterrosa ? 15. Diffuse soil degassing of carbon dioxide, radon, and mercury at San Miguel volcano, El Salvador, Rafael Cartagena, Rodolfo Olmos, Dina L. López, Tomás Soriano, Francisco Barahona, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez ? 16. Physical and chemical evolution of San Miguel volcano, El Salvador, Craig A. Chesner, Carlos R. Pullinger, and C. Demetrio Escobar ? 17. Diffuse CO2 and 222Rn degassing from San Salvador volcano, El Salvador, Central America, Nemesio M. Pérez, José M.L. Salazar, Pedro A. Hernández, Tomás Soriano, Dina L. López, and Kenji Notsu 


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