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Tectonic Evolution of Northwestern Mexico and the Southwestern United States

Product Code: USPE374
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Scott E. Johnson, Scott R. Paterson, John M. Fletcher
Publication Date: 08 January 2004
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GSA Special Paper 374.

This volume was assembled as a dedication to the career achievements of R. Gordon Gastil. The papers focus primarily on the Mesozoic and Tertiary tectonic evolution of Baja California and nearby regions of mainland México and southern California. The volume begins with an extensive tectonic overview with the goals pf summarizing our present understanding of the geology of Baja California, addressing several controversial issues and providing a framework for more detailed discussions in some of the remaining papers. The volume contains a wealth of modern analytical data and authoritatively explores regional issues. The accompanying CD-ROM contains valuable geochronological and geochemical data, color images, and out-of-print Geological Society of America maps. In particular, the CD-ROM contains the highly sought after geologic maps of northern Baja California published by Gordon Gastil and colleagues in 1975 as part of the Geological Society of America Memoir 140, Reconnaissance Geology of the State of Baja California.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2374-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2374-7
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 472
Weight: 1.45 kg


Preface • Geology and tectonics of the Baja California peninsula and adjacent areas, Richard L. Sedlock • Ophiolite and volcanic arc assemblages on the Vizcaíno Peninsula and Cedros Island, Baja California Sur, México: Mesozoic forearc lithosphere of the Cordilleran magmatic arc, David L. Kimbrough and Thomas E. Moore • Four phases of Mesozoic deformation in the Sierra de San Andres ophiolite, Vizcaíno Peninsula, west-central Baja California, México, Richard L. Sedlock • Mesozoic tectonic evolution of the Peninsular Ranges of southern and Baja California, Paul H. Wetmore, Charles Herzig, Helge Alsleben, Michelle Sutherland, Keegan L. Schmidt, Paul W. Schultz, and Scott R. Paterson • A model for the North America Cordillera in the Early Cretaceous: Tectonic escape related to arc collision of the Guerrero terrane and a change in North America plate motion, Paul J. Umhoefer • Paleomagnetism and geobarometry of the La Posta pluton, California, D.T.A. Symons, M.J. Walawender, T.E. Smith, S.E. Molnar, M.J. Harris, and W.H. Blackburn • Jurassic peraluminous gneissic granites in the axial zone of the Peninsular Ranges, southern California, S.E. Shaw, V.R. Todd, and M. Grove • Cretaceous plutons of the Peninsular Ranges batholith, San Diego and westernmost Imperial Counties, California: Intrusion across a Late Jurassic continental margin, Victoria R. Todd, Stirling E. Shaw, and Jane M. Hammarstrom • Geology and geochronology of the granitic batholithic complex, Sinaloa, México: Implications for Cordilleran magmatism and tectonics, Christopher D. Henry, Fred W. McDowell, and Leon T. Silver • Paired plutonic belts in convergent margins and the development of high Sr/Y magmatism: Peninsular Ranges batholith of Baja-California and Median batholith of New Zealand, Andrew J. Tulloch and David L. Kimbrough • Geochronological constraints on the tectonic history of the Peninsular Ranges batholith of Alta and Baja California: Tectonic implications for western México, Amabel Ortega-Rivera • Geothermal gradients in continental magmatic arcs: Constraints from the eastern Peninsular Ranges batholith, Baja California, México, David A. Rothstein and Craig E. Manning • Late Cretaceous cooling of the east-central Peninsular Ranges batholith (33°N): Relationship to La Posta pluton emplacement, Laramide shallow subduction, and forearc sedimentation, Marty Grove, Oscar Lovera, and Mark Harrison • Temporal and spatial trends of Late Cretaceous?early Tertiary underplating of Pelona and related schist beneath southern California and southwestern Arizona, Marty Grove, Carl E. Jacobson, Andrew P. Barth, and Ana Vucic • Offset of Pliocene ramp facies at El Mangle by El Coloradito fault, Baja California Sur: Implications for transtensional tectonics, Markes E. Johnson, David H. Backus, and Jorge Ledesma-Vázquez • Cenozoic volcanism and tectonics of the continental margins of the Upper Delfin basin, northeastern Baja California and western Sonora, Michael Oskin and Joann Stock • The Quaternary Moctezuma volcanic field: A tholeiitic to alkali basaltic episode in the central Sonoran Basin and Range Province, México, Francisco A. Paz Moreno, Alain Demant, Jean-Jacques Cochemé, Jaroslav Dostal, and Raymond Montigny • Index


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