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Geological Society Supplementary Publication No. SUP18892

Parent Paper: Anomalous terrain at Dove Crags ‘cirqueform’ and Gasgale Gill asymmetric valley, English Lake District, attributed to large-scale rock slope failure of pre-LGM origins

D. Jarman & P. Wilson

Appearing in Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, November 2015, v 60, no. 4,

A PDF illustrating Dove Crags and comparator sites, with additional discussion of regional context and cirque seeding by RSF. References in the text are given as (SI-42) etc. It is organised by theme, to view as a presentation, not in order of citation in the text:

File - Dove Crags RSF   (.pdf 6,780Kb)

Refs, the rest are in ref list of paper  (.word 12kb)