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Geological Society Supplementary Publication No. SUP18856

Parent Paper: Reappraisal of Early Cretaceous highly enriched mantle beneath the Dabie Orogen: evidence from mineralogy and geochemistry of the Xiaohekou complex

J-Y. ZHANG, C-Q. MA, J-W. LI & Y. M. PAN

Appearing in Journal of the Geological Society, 2015,

Compositions of pyroxenes, feldspars, hornblende, olivine and biotite, and whole-rock major element oxides, trace element and Sr-Nd isotopic compositions from selected samples in the Xiaohekou complex are provided are provided as .rtf files:

File 1 (.rtf740Kb)
File 2 (.rtf802Kb)
File 3 (.rtf76Kb)
File 4 (.rtf131Kb)
File 5 (.rtf189Kb)
File 6 (.rtf513Kb)
File 7 (.rtf130Kb)