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Geological Society Supplementary Publication No. SUP18712

Parent  Paper: Predicting Archaean volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit potential from lithogeochemistry: application to the Abitibi Greenstone Belt


Appearing in Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, 2013,

Details on the datasets selected in this study are provided as .pdf and .rtf files:

File 1 – dataset information and figure captions (.rtf279Kb)

File 2 – figure 1a, 1b and 1C (.pdf207Kb)

File 3 - Figure. 2 (.pdf51Kb)

File 4 – figure 3 (.pdf44Kb)

File 5 – figure 4 (.pdf61Kb)

File 6 - Figure. 5 (.pdf44Kb)