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Geological Society STEM Ambassadors


STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Ambassadors are volunteers from a broad range of jobs and backgrounds who are passionate about inspiring young people to pursue STEM studies and careers. There are over 30000 of them in total, across all the STEM disciplines. The scheme is run by STEM Learning.

""If you are a student or researcher, volunteer field guide, lecturer, professional geoscientist, or general enthusiast, you may like to consider getting involved in bringing geology to classrooms and colleges around the country.

Topics such as climate change, plate tectonics, energy resources, volcanoes, earthquakes, fossils and the rock cycle form considerable parts of both the primary and secondary school curricula in science and geography. However as geology is not often taught as a single subject, students and teachers may not recognise it as a separate science and geoscience career options are left unexplored. There is a huge body of evidence that shows how inspiring and effective the scheme is. 

We think it is essential for younger generations to gain a broad understanding of geoscience, as it underpins so many of society’s most challenging issues. Please consider getting involved by becoming a Geology Ambassador!

School resources by level & age

Key Stages, GCSEs and A Levels refer to the National Curriculum taught in England, Wales & Northern Ireland; Levels, Standards and Highers refer to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.