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Magmatic Processes and Plate Tectonics - paperback

Product Code: SPC76
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by H M Prichard, T Alabaster, N B W Harris and C R Neary
Publication Date: 08 April 1997
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Paperback reprint of Special Publication 76.

The volume contains quite a number of excellent review or synthesis papers that many geoscientists will find valuable aids to teaching or research. The editors have done a good job. Tectonophysics, 243, p.294

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-87-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-87-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 526
Weight: 1.15 kg


Preface • Mantle and magmatic processes • G. P. L. WALKER, Basaltic-volcano systems • M. J. O'HARA, Trace element geochemical effects of imperfect crystal-liquid separ­ation • A. R. McBIRNEY, Differentiated rocks of the Galapagos hotspot • M. A. MENZIES, W. FAN & M. ZHANG, Palaeozoic and Cenozoic lithoprobes and the loss of > 120 km of Archaean  lithosphere, Sino-Korean craton, China • Ophiolites and oceanic crust • A. ROBERTSON & c. XENOPHONTOS, Development of concepts concerning the Troo­dos ophiolite and adjacent units in Cyprus • D. DIETRICH & S. SPENCER, Spreading-induced faulting and fracturing of oceanic crust: examples from the Sheeted Dyke Complex of the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus C. J. MACLEOD & B. J. MURTON, Structure and tectonic evolution of the Southern Troodos Transform Fault Zone, Cyprus • J. MALPAS, T. CALON & G. SQUIRES, The development of a late Cretaceous microplate suture zone in SW Cyprus • A. W. SHELTON, Troodos revisited: The Mount Olympus gravity anomaly • A. G. SMITH, Tectonic significance of the Hellenic-Dinaric ophiolites • 1. D. BARTHOLOMEW, The interaction and geometries of diapiric uprise centres along mid-ocean ridges: evidence from mantle fabric studies of ophiolite complexes • S. ROBERTS & c. NEARY, Petrogenesis of ophiolitic chromitite • H. M. PRICHARD & R. A. LORD, An overview of the PGE concentrations in the Shetland ophiolite complex • H. ELDERFIELD, R. A. MILLS & M. D. RUDNICKI, Geochemical and thermal fluxes, high-temperature venting and diffuse flow from mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems: the TAG hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge 26°N • M. A. MENZIES, A. LONG, G. INGRAM, M. TATNELL & D. JANECKY, Morb peridotite­sea water interaction: experimental constraints on the behaviour of trace elements, 87Sr/86Sr and 143Nd/I44Nd ratios • Tectonics and convergent margins • J. F. DEWEY, P. D. RYAN & T. B. ANDERSEN, Orogenic uplift and collapse, crustal thickness, fabrics and metamorphic phase changes: the role of eclogites • R. M. SHACKLETON, Tectonics of the Mozambique Belt in East Africa • N. B. W. HARRIS, C. J. HAWKESWORTH & A. G. TINDLE, The growth of continental crust during the Late Proterozoic: geochemical evidence from the Arabian Shield • J. A. PEARCE & I. J. PARKINSON, Trace element models for mantle melting: applications to volcanic arc petrogenesis • P. J. WYLLIE & M. B. WOLF, Amphibolite dehydration-melting: sorting out the solidus • C. VITA-FINZI, Evaluating Late Quaternary uplift in Greece and Cyprus • Continental rifting • R. MACDONALD & B. G. J. UPTON, The Proterozoic Gardar rift zone, south Greenland: comparisons with the East African Rift System • K. G. COX, N. CHARNLEY, R. C. O. GILL & K. A. PARISH, Alkali basalts from Shuqra, Yemen: magmas generated in the crust-mantle transition zone? • N. W. ROGERS, The isotope and trace element geochemistry of basalts from the volcanic islands of the southern Red Sea • J. M. DAVIS, W. E. ELSTON & C. J. HAWKESWORTH, Basic and intermediate volcanism of the Mogollon-Datil volcanic field: implications for mid-Tertiary tecto­nic transitions in southwestern New Mexico, USA • G. P. L. WALKER, Re-evaluation of inclined intrusive sheets and dykes in the Cuillins volcano, Isle of Skye • Analytical techniques • P. J. POTTS, C. J. HAWKESWORTH, P. VAN CALSTEREN & I. P. WRIGHT, Advances in analytical technology and its influence on the development of modern inorganic geochemistry: a historical perspective • Index 


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