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Magmatism In The Ocean Basins - paperback

Product Code: SPC42
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A D Saunders & M J Norry
Publication Date: 01 July 1994
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Paperback reprint of Special Publication 42.

"essential reading for a wide range of people interested in ocean-basin geology or in any aspect of magmatism . . . there is a large amount of very valuable material within this book and it deserves wide circulation." Geological Magazine, 127:3

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-12-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-12-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 398
Weight: 0.83 kg


SAUNDERS, A. D. & NORRY, M. J. Introduction • GASS,I. G. Magmatic processes at and near constructive plate margins as deduced from the Troodos (Cyprus) and Semail Nappe (N Oman) ophiolites • WHITE, R. S. Asthenospheric control on magmatism in the ocean basins •SPRAY, J. G. Upper mantle segregation processes: evidence from alpine-type peridotites • NATLAND, J. H. Partial melting of a lithologically heterogeneous mantle: inferences from crystallization histories of magnesian abyssal tholeiites from the Siqueiros Fracture Zone • DICK, H. J. B. Abyssal peridotites, very slow spreading ridges and ocean ridge magmatism • BLOOMER, S. H., NATLAND, J. H. & FISHER, R. L. Mineral relationships in gabbroic rocks from fracture zones of Indian Ocean ridges: evidence for extensive fractionation, parental diversity, and boundary-layer recrystallization • ELTHON, D. Pressure of origin of primary mid-ocean ridge basalts • Fum, T. Genesis of mid-ocean ridge basalts • PALACZ, Z. A. & WOLFF, J. A. Strontium, neodymium and lead isotope characteristics of the Granadilla Pumice, Tenerife: a study of the causes of strontium isotope disequilibrium in felsic pyroclastic deposits • STOREY, M., WOLFF, J. A., NORRY, M. J. & MARRINER, G. F. Origin of hybrid lavas from Agua de Pau volcano, Sao Miguel, Azores • THOMPSON, G., BRYAN, W. B. & HUMPHRIS, S. E. Axial volcanism on the East Pacific Rise, 10-120 N • HELGASON, J. The Fjallgardar volcanic ridge in NE Iceland: an aborted early stage plate boundary or a volcanically dormant zone? • FLOYD, P. A. Geochemical features of intraplate oceanic plateau basalts • DAVIES, G. R., NORRY, M. J., GERLACH, D. C. & CLIFF, R. A. A combined chemical and Pb-Sr-Nd isotope study of the Azores and Cape Verde hotspots: the geodynamic implications • CHAFFEY, D. J., CLIFF, R. A. & WILSON, B. M. Characterization of the St Helena magma source • JORON, J.-L. & TREUIL, M. Hygromagmaphile element distributions in oceanic basalts as fingerprints of partial melting and mantle heterogeneities: a specific approach and proposal of an identification and modelling method • FISHER, D. E. Evaluation of rare gas data in relation to oceanic magmas • SUN, S.-S. & McDONOUGH, W. F. Chemical and isotopic systematics of oceanic basalts: implications for mantle composition and processes • MURTON, B. J. Tectonic controls on boninite genesis • Index 


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