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Oil and Gas Habitats of the South Atlantic

Product Code: SP153
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: N. Cameron, R. Bate, V. Clure
Publication Date: 08 September 1999
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The South Atlantic petroleum province contains 4.3% of the world’s discovered oil reserves and 2.4% of the world’s discovered gas reserves. It contains a wide range of source rocks, reservoirs and trap types. There is a current sharp rise in reserve additions after technology has allowed for deepwater exploration. This book provides an overview of the geology for an area, which has only a fragmentary English language literature base. Special FeaturesIncludes a CD Rom of a tectonic features map, which is presented on an early drift reconstruction, together with maps for Brazil and a bibliography. Readership Petroleum geologists, exploration geochemists and biostratigraphers

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-030-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-030-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 474
Weight: 1.40 kg


The geological and geophysical framework • Tectonic and stratigraphic development of the West African and eastern Brazilian margins: insights from quantitative basin modelling • The Mesozoic denudation history of the Atlantic margins of Southern Africa and South-East Brazil and the relationship to offshore sedimentation •History of Northeast Brazilian rift system: kinetic implications for the breakup between Brazil and W Africa • Deep seismic structure of the continental margin in the Gulf of Guinea: a summary report • Templates from mainland Africa and the Red Sea for interpreting the early evolution of the South Atlantic • Oil and gas habitats • Western Africa: an unfinished story of oil and gas exploration • The distribution of petroleum reserves in basins of the South Atlantic margins • Tectonics and hydrocarbon distribution along the Brazilian South Atlantic margin • Structure, stratigraphy and petroleum habitats of South Africa’s Atlantic margin • Organic geochemistry • Petroleum systems in the South Atlantic margin • Angola: source rock control for Lower Congo Coastal and Kwanza Basin petroleum systems • Biostratigraphic applications • Upper Cretaceous palaeoenvironments and benthonic foraminiferal assemblages of potential source rocks from the W African margin, Central Atlantic • Palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Upper Cretaceous sequence in the Tarfaya Basin (southwest of Morocco) • Tectono-sedimentary controls on Cretaceous black shale deposition along the opening Equatorial Atlantic gateway (ODP 159) • Miocene benthonic foraminiferal morphogroups in an oxygen minimum zone offshore Cabinda • Non-marine ostracod faunas of the Pre-Salt rift basins of W Africa and their role in sequence stratigraphy • Ridge barrier: its influence on palaeoenvironments and source rock generation deduced from ostracod distributions in the early South Atlantic • Exploration studies and issues • Detachment faulting and petroleum prospectivity in the Rio Muni Basin, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa • The interpretation of passive margin depositional processes using seismic stratigraphy: examples from offshore Namibia • Onshore equivalents of the main Kudu gas reservoir in Namibia • Facies architecture of the Etjo Sandstone Fm. & its interaction with the Basal Entendeka Flood Basalts of NW Namibia: implications for offshore prospectivity • The Namib Rift: a rift system of possible Karoo age, offshore Namibia • Plateau evolution and a mobile southernmost South America • Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the North Falkland Region • Evidence for multi-phase rifting in the North Falklands Basin • Basin evolution and sedimentary fill in the Palaeozoic sequences of the Falkland Islands


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