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Geological Applications of Wireline Logs

Product Code: SP048
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A Hurst, M A Lovell & A C Morton
Publication Date: 29 June 1990
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This title is out of print. It is available as a Classic series paperback or electronically via the Lyell Collection.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0903317451
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780903317450
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 354
Weight: 0 kg


MORTON, A. C., HURST, A. & LOVELL, M. A. Introduction • Sedimentology • LUTHI, S. M. Sedimentary structures of clastic rocks identified from electrical borehole images • HARKER, S. D., MCGANN, G. J., BOURKE L. T. & AOAMS, J. T. Methodology of formation micro scanner image interpretation in Claymore and Scapa Fields (North Sea) • RIDER, M. H. Gamma-ray log shape used as a facies indicator: critical analysis of an oversimplified methodology • HERWEIJER, J. c., HOCKER, C. F. W., WILLIAMS, H. & EASTWOOO, K. M. The relevance of dip profiles from outcrops as reference for the interpretation of SHDT dips • KING, D. E. Incorporating geological data in well log interpretation • Moss, B. P. Stochastic reservoir description: a methodology • GRIFFITHS, C. M. The language of rocks: an example of the use of syntactic analysis in the interpretation of sedimentary environments from wire line logs • NURMl, R., CHARARA, M., WATERHOUSE, M. & PARK, R. Heterogeneities in carbonate reservoirs: detection and analysis using borehole electrical imagery • DORFMAN, M. H., NEWEY, J.-J. & COATES, G. R. New techniques in lithofacies determination and permeability prediction in carbonates using well logs • Stratigraphic correlation • WORTHINGTON, P. F. Sediment cyclicity from well logs • GRIFFITHS, C. M. & BAKKE, S. Interwell matching using a combination of petrophysicalIy derived numerical lithologies and gene-typing techniques • BUCKLEY, D. K. & OLIVER, D. Geophysical logging of water exploration boreholes in the Deccan Traps, Central India • Mineralogy and geochernistry • HERRON, M. M. & HERRON, S. L. Geological applications of geochemical well logging ANOERSON, R. N., DOVE, R. E. & PRATSON, E. Geochemical well logs: calibration and lithostratigraphy in basaltic, granitic and metamorphic rocks • BREWER, T. S., LOVELL, M. A., HARVEY, P. K., PELLING, R., ATKIN, B. P. & AOAMSON, A. Preliminary geochemical results from DSDP/ODP Hole 504B: a comparison of core and log data • PRIMMER, T. J., KERR, S. A. & MYERS, K. J. Feasibility of in situ elemental analysis in mudrock evaluation • HURST, A. Natural gamma-ray spectrometry in hydrocarbon-bearing sandstones from the ~orwegian Continental Shelf • HUMPHREYS, B. & LOTI, G. K. An investigation into nuclear log responses of North Sea J urassic reservoirs using mineralogical analysis • STOCKS, A. E. & LAWRENCE, S. R. Identification of source rocks from wireline logs • Identification of faults and fractures • FERTL, W. H. Circumferential acoustic logs detect natural fractures and determine their orientation • LEHNE, K. A. Fracture detection from logs of North Sea chalk • RONNINGSLAND, T. M. Structural interpretation of dipmeter results in the Gullfaks Field • DEVILLlERS, M. C. & WERNER, Ph. Examples of fault identification using dipmeter data • GOLDBERG, D., SPEED, D., WILKINSON, C. & SCHOLZ, E. A correlation of hydraulic conduc­tivities from pulse tests with sonic log amplitudes • Physical properties • BELL, J. S. Investigating stress regimes in sedimentary basins using information from oil industry wireline logs and drilling records • EVANS, C. J. & BREREToN, N. R. In situ crustal stress in the United Kingdom from borehole breakouts • LOVELL, M. A. & PEZARD, P. A. Electrical properties of basalts from DSDP Hole S04B: a key to the evaluation of pore space morphology • ENTWlSLE, D. C. & MCCANN, D. M. An assessment of the use of Christensen's equation for the prediction of shear wave velocity and engineering parameters • Index 


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