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JGS Early Career award

Each year, the Journal makes an award for the best paper from a new author. The prize is a free of charge gold open access paper in the Journal, for a paper submitted within 2 years of the award and a Special Publication.

Criteria for the award are as follows.
  • The author should be within three years of earning their PhD
  • Single or lead author. If the latter a declaration from their supervisor will be sought stating that the candidate led the work.
  • Have had no more than three first author publications
  • Exciting topic set in a general context - not parochial.
  • Should be a novel approach or interpretation.
  • Discussion and development of ideas, not just a collection of results/observations.
  • Clear conclusions of general relevance.
  • Clearly and concisely written - not over-long.
  • Logical structure and argument.
  • Relevant and clear diagrams.

Please note that excessive corrections at proof stage will disqualify the paper.

2018 Winner

William J. McMahon (High-energy flood events recorded in the Mesoproterozoic Meall Dearg Formation, NW Scotland; their recognition and implications for the study of pre-vegetation alluvium; with Davies, N.S.)

Previous winners 

2017: Christian Haug Eide (Basin-scale architecture of deeply emplaced sill complexes: Jameson Land, East Greenland; with Schofield, N., Jerram, D.A. & Howell, J.A.)

2016: Jesse R. Reimink (Dealing with discordance: a novel approach for analyzing U–Pb detrital zircon datasets; with Davies, J.H.F.L., Waldron, J.W.F. & Rojas, X.)

2015: William McCarthy (Distinguishing diapirs from inflated plutons: an integrated rock magnetic fabric and structural study on the Roundstone Pluton, western Ireland; with Petronis, M.S., Reavy, R.J. & Stevenson, C.T)

2014: Chris Yakymchuk (Consequences of open-system melting in tectonics; with Brown, M.)

2013: Anna Bird (Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd dating of metamorphic garnet: evidence for multiple accretion events during the Caledonian orogeny in Scotland; with Thirlwall, M.F., Strachan, R.A. & Manning, C.J. 

2012: Nick J. Schofield (Sill morphology and comparison of brittle and non-brittle emplacement mechanism; with Brown, D.J., Magee, C. & Stevenson, C.T.)

2011: Daniel R. Viete (The nature and origin of the Barrovian metamorphism, Scotland: diffusion length scales in garnet and inferred thermal timescales; with Hermann, J., Lister, G.S. & Stenhouse, I.R.)

2010: John J. Armitage (Cratonic basins and the long-term subsidence history of continental interiors; with Allen, P.A.)

2009: Craig Barrie Craig Barrie (On the growth of colloform textures: a case study of sphalerite from the Galmoy ore body, Ireland; with Boyce, A. J., Boyle, A. P., Williams, P. J., Blake, K., Wilkinson, J. J., Lowther, M., McDermott, P. & Prior, D. J.)

2008: Daniel P. Le Heron (First-order reconstructions of a Late Ordovician Saharan ice sheet; with Craig, J.)

2007: Carl Stevenson (Laccolithic, as opposed to cauldron subsidence, emplacement of the Eastern Mourne pluton, N. Ireland: evidence from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility; with Owens, W. H., Hutton, D. H. W., Hood, D. N. & Meighan, D. N.)

2006: Huw Sheppard (Sequence architecture of ancient rocky shorelines and their response to sea-level change: an Early Jurassic example from South Wales, UK)

2005: Nicola DePaola (The influence and lithology and pre-existing structures on reservoir-scale faulting patterns in transtensional rift zones; with Holdsworth, R. E. & McCaffrey, K. J. W.)

2004: Victoria Smith (Reactivation of a rhyolite magma body by new rhyolitic intrusion before the 15.8ka Rotorua eruptive episode: implications for magma storage in the Okataina Volcanic Centre, New Zealand; with Shane, P. & Nairn, I.)

2003: Ingrid Ukstins Peate (The transition from sedimentation to flood volcanism in the Kangerlussuaq Basin, East Greenland: basaltic pyroclastic volcanism during initial Palaeogene continental break-up; with Larsen, M. & Lesher, C. E.)

2002: Ethan F. Baxter (Prograde temperature-time evolution in the Barrovian type locality constrained by precise Sm/Nd garnet ages from the Glan Clova, Scotland; with Ague, J. J. & DePaolo, D. J.)

2001: Sarah C. Sherlock (Two-stage erosion and deposition in a continental margin setting: a 40Ar/39Ar laserprobe study of offshore detrital white micas in the Norwegian Sea).

2000: Paola Vannucchi (Insights into shallow-level processes of mountain building from the Northern Apennines, Italy: with Maltman, A. J.)