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Scottish Geodiversity Charter

The Geoconservation Commission of the Geological Society is pleased to comment on the draft document.

A brief, forceful statement on the value of Scotland’s geodiversity is most welcome. The document certainly highlights the strengths, values and importance of the physical environment and explains the role that something the public often see as dead-and-gone still matters. In this respect the one area that is not completely covered is that of the processes that still shape the landscape. By that we mean coastal erosion and sediment transport, weathering and soil formation and estuarine processes (in the light of sea level change, flooding salt-marsh creation, etc.).
The document splits into two parts:

  • The statement of values (3 sides plus cover); and
  • The “action plan” and examples of case histories (4 sides).

We suggest that the two parts, though highly dependent on each other, might be regarded as two items with the first part (values) as serving one purpose and the “action plan” being used to promote action and public involvement. The shorter, values part could then be used as something for promotion where the full explanation is not required.

Minor quibbles aside, this is a strong, positive document with much to be applauded.

Malcolm B, Hart

On behalf of the Geoconservation Commission of the Geological Society