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Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives - Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference (DVD)

Product Code: PGC6D
Series: Petroleum Geology Conference series
Author/Editor: Edited by A.G. Doré & B.A. Vining (Proceedings), R J Davies (Movies), R K Leppard & C D Oakman (Core Display)
Publication Date: 01 November 2007
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Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives - Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference represents key papers from the latest in a series of conferences that have become a focus for the most important issues in North-West European petroleum geology. As well as detailing the advances made in North-West Europe in the six years since the 5th Conference, this two-volume set also documents many generic advances in petroleum geology and addresses the North-West European experience in a global context.

This DVD is both Mac and PC compatible and includes three main elements
• The PDF file of the entire proceedings volumes
• 28 QuickTime movies
• 35 Core Displays – comprising 211 plates and 22 posters

The proceedings PDF is fully searchable with hierarchical booksmarks for easy navigation. Both Core Displays and Movies have textual links from the proceedings PDF allowing the user to simultaneously view the relevant electronic material. Separate navigation windows also allow the Core Displays and Movies to be selected from a separate contents listing. Full text narratives are available for both Cores and Movies.

This DVD provides a significant reference for all geoscientists engaged in exploration and production in North-West Europe, to academics engaged in studying the area and to petroleum geologists interested in generic exploration models.

Type: DVD
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862392434
Publisher: Distributed by GSL
Weight: 0.12 kg


Charpentier, R.R., Estimating undiscovered resources and reserve growth: contrasting approaches • Campbell, C.J., The meaning of oil depletion and its consequences • Vining, B.A., Munns, J.W., Stoker, S.J. & Erratt, D., Exploration histories and future potential: overview • Spencer, A.M., Chew, K. & Leckie, G., The discovery patterns of the resources of the rift and gas provinces of the North Sea compared with some analogous provinces worldwide • Vining, B.A., Mabillard, J. & Van Rijssen, P., UK North Sea exploration: a future? Munns, J.W., Gray, J.C., Stoker, S.J., Andrews, I.J. & Cameron, T.D.J., The remaining hydrocarbon potential of the UK Continental Shelf • Østvedt, O.J., Blystad, P. & Magnus, C., Assessment of undiscovered resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf • Blystad, P. & Søndenå, E., Exploration history on the Norwegian Continental Shelf • Breunese, J., Mijnlieff, H., Breunese, J & Lutgert, J., The life cycle of the Netherlands' natural gas exploration: 40 years after Groningen, where are we now? Lutgert, J., Mijnlieff, H. & Breunese, J., Predicting gas production from future gas discoveries in the Netherlands: quantity, location, timing, quality • Hemmet, M., The hydrocarbon potential of the Danish Continental Shelf • Bergslien, D., Kyllingstad, G., Solberg, A., Ferguson, I.J. & Pepper, C.F., Jotun Field reservoir geology and development strategy: pioneering play knowledge, multidisciplinary teams and partner co-operation - key to discovery and successful development • Rodriguez, J.M., Scholey, H. & Flanagan, K.P., Tullich Field • Fitzsimmons, R., Veiberg, D. & Kråkenes, T., Characterization of the Heimdal Sandstones within Alveim, Quads 24 and 25, Norwegian North Sea • Hurst, A., Cartwright, J.A., Duranti, D., Huuse, M. & Nelson, M., Sand injectites: an emerging global play in deep-water clastic environments • Dennis, H., Bergmo, P. & Holt, T., Tilted oil water contacts: modelling the effects of aquifer heterogeneity • Megson, J. & Tygesen, T., The North Sea Chalk: an under-explored and under-developed play • Gautier, D.L. & Klett, T.R., Reserve growth in chalk fields of the North Sea • Jakobsen, F., Ineson, J., Kristensen, L., Nytoft, H.P. & Stemmerik, L., The Valdemar Field, Danish Central Graben: field compartmentalization and regional prospectivity of the Lower Cretaceous chalk play • Oakman, C.D., The Lower Cretaceous plays of the Central & Northern North Sea: Atlantean drainage models and enhanced hydrocarbon potential • Wilson, J.W., Wall, G., Kloosterman, H.J., Coney, D., Cayley, G.T., Walker, J. & Linskaill, C., The discovery of Goldeneye: Kopervik prospect and play mapping in the South Halibut Basin of the Moray Firth • Argent, J., Blight, R., Cox, P., Hardy, R., Law, A., Smallwood, J.R. & Walter, D., The technical challenges to exploration and development of the Kopervik Fairway, Outer Moray Firth, UK • Seldal, J., Lower Cretaceous: the next target for oil exploration in the Barents Sea • Doré, G. & Robbins, J., The Buzzard Field • Erratt, D., Nicholson, P.H., Winefield, P., Milton-Worssell, R.J., Cayley, G.T. & Arter, G., Exploration history of the high-pressure, high-temperature plays: UK, Central North Sea • Jones, A.D., Auld, H.A., Carpenter, T.J., Fetkovich, E., Palmer, I.A., Rigatos, E.N. & Thompson, M.W., Jade Field: an innovative approach to high-pressure, high-temperature field development • McKie, T. & Audretsch, P., Depositional and structural controls on Triassic reservoir performance in the Heron Cluster, ETAP, Central North Sea • Pöppelreiter, M., Borkhataria, R., Aigner, T. & Pipping, K., Production from Muschelkalk carbonates (Triassic, NE Netherlands): unique play or overlooked opportunity • Cooper, M.M., Easton, S.D.W., Lynch, J.J. & Fozdar, I.M., The Caister-Murdoch System (CMS) III Carboniferous cluster development, UK Southern North Sea • Corona, F.V., Fault trap analysis of the Permian Rotliegend gas play, Lauwerszee Trough, NE Netherlands • Richardson, N.J., Allen, M.R. & Underhill, J.R., Role of Cenozoic fault reactivation in controlling pre-rift plays, and the recognition of Zechstein Group evaporite-carbonate lateral facies transitions in the East Orkney and Dutch Bank basins, East Shetland Platform, UK North Sea • Smith, N.J.P., Shepherd, T.J., Styles, M.T. & Williams, G.M., Hydrogen exploration: a review of global hydrogen accumulations and implications for prospective areas in NW Europe • Gluyas, J.G. & Garrett, S.W., Better recovery through better reservoir characterization • Gluyas, J.G., Mair, B., Schofield, P., Arkley, P. & McRae, D., Ardmore Field: rebirth of the first offshore oilfield, UKCS • Farquharson, G.W. & Gibson, J.P.C., A significant satellite: the Nevis South Field in Block 9/13 • Battié, J.E., Siggerud, E.I.H. & Tveiten, O.G., Extending the life of the Varg Field, a tail-end production opportunity • Dreyer, T., Whitaker, M., Dexter, J., Flesche, H. & Larsen, E., From spit system to tide-dominated delta: integrated reservoir model of the upper Jurassic Sognefjord Formation on the Troll West Field • Hempton, M., Marshall, J., Sadler, S., Hogg, N., Charles, R. & Harvey, C., Turbidite reservoirs of the Sele Formation, Central North Sea: geological challenges for improving production • Doehler, M., The Mittelplate oil field • MacGregor, A.G., Trussell, P., Lauver, S., Bedrock, M., Bryce, J. & Moulds, T., The Magnus Field: extending field life through good reservoir management and enhanced oil recovery • Harker, S.D., Longis, C., Roux, J.-F., Livingstone, L., Thomas, H., Milne, K., Holm, G. & Stromberg, S., Designer wells to maximize recovery for Otter Field development, Northern North Sea • Matthews, S., Thurlow, A.D., Aitken, F.J., Gowland, S., Jones, P.D., Colville, G.J., Robinson, C.I. & Taylor, A.M., A late life opportunity: using a multidisciplinary approach to unlock reserves in the Rannoch Formation, Ninian Field • Sumner, W.R., Loutit, S., Tohill, E., Way, D., Criddle, D., Palfrey, A., Hakes, W.G., Archer, S., Colleran, J., Scott, A., Kaiser, K., Harding, A., Castellini, A., Clark, J. & Lianshuang, Q., Managing reservoir uncertainty after five years of field life: Britannia Field • Thompson, M. & Digranes, P., 4D Ocean Bottom Seismic technology - an innovative tool for improved hydrocarbon recovery at Gullfaks • Elfenbein, C., Husby, Ø. & Ringrose, P., Geologically based estimation of kv/kh ratios: an example from the Garn Formation, Tyrihans Field, Mid-Norway • If, F. & Frykman, P., Estimation of shape factors in fractured reservoirs • Hillis, R.R. & Nelson, E.J., In situ stresses in the North Sea and their applications: petroleum geomechanics from exploration to development • Burley, S.D. & Ireson, D., The global gas renaissance: opportunities for innovative exploration plays and new technologies in existing fields and unconventional gas resources in the liberalized gas market place: overview • Odedra, A., Burley, S.D., Lewis, A., Hardman, M. & Haynes, P., The world according to gas • Corbin, S., Gorringe, S. & Torr, D., Challenges of developing Carboniferous gas fields in the UK Southern North Sea • Moscariello, A., Exploration potential of the mature Southern North Sea basin margins: some unconventional plays based on alluvial and fluvial fan sedimentation models • Dolson, J.C., Boucher, P.J., Siok, J. & Heppard, P.D., Key challenges to realizing full potential in an emerging giant gas province: Nile Delta/Mediterranean offshore, deep water, Egypt ? Sylta, Ø., On the dynamics of capillary gas trapping: implications for the charging and leakage of gas reservoirs • Larter, S.R., Head, I.M., Huang, H., Bennett, B., Jones, M., Aplin, A.C., Murray, A., Erdmann, M., Wilhelms, A. & Di Primio, R., Biodegradation, gas destruction and methane generation in deep subsurface petroleum reservoirs: an overview • Eiken, O., Tollefsen, T., Aanvik, F. & Alsos, T., Surface geophysical monitoring of gas fields: some experiences • Keller, T., Bayes, R., Auld, H.A. & Lines, M.D., Judy Field: rejuvenation through a second phase of drilling • Gilham, R., Hercus, C., Evans, A. & de Haas, W., Shearwater (UK Block 22/30b): managing changing uncertainties through field life • Samuel, A., Taylor, C., Richards, S., Warburton, I. & Highton, P., Armada Phase II & Seymour Phase I • King, T.R., Wannell, M. & Alqassar, T.M., Cross-flow to enhance gas recovery in the Dalton Field, East Irish Sea • Garden, R., Mentiply, M., Cook, R. & Sylvester, I., Modelling fine-scale heterogeneity for optimal history matching from aeolian gas reservoirs, Neptune field, UKCS • Selley, R.C., UK shale-gas resources • Jones, N.S., Holloway, S., Creedy, D.P. & Garner, K., Can UK coal resources contribute to a gas renaissance • Long, D., Jackson, P.D., Lovell, M.A., Rochelle, C.A., Francis, T.J.G. & Schultheiss, P.J., Methane hydrates: problems in unlocking their potential • Shannon, P.M., Faleide, J.I., Smallwood, J.R. & Walker, I.M., The Atlantic Margin from Norway to Ireland: geological review of a frontier continental margin province • Lundin, E.R. & Doré, A.G., NE Atlantic break-up: a re-examination of the Iceland mantle plume model and the Atlantic* Arctic linkage • Roberts, A.W., White, R.S., Lunnon, Z.C., Christie, P.A.F., Spitzer, R. & iSIMM Team, Imaging magmatic rocks on the Faroes Margin • Kusznir, N.J., Hunsdale, R., Roberts, A.M. & iSIMM Team, Timing and magnitude of depth-dependent lithosphere stretching on the southern Loften and northern Vøring continental margins offshore mid-Norway: implications for subsidence and hydrocarbon maturation at volcanic rifted margins • Tsikalas, F., Faleide, J.I., Eldholm, O. & Wilson, J., Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic structural and stratigraphic correlations between the conjugate mid-Norway and NE Greenland continental margins • Mjelde, R., Raum, T., Breivik, A., Shimamura, H., Murai, Y., Takanami, T. & Faleide, J.I., Crustal structure of the Vøring Margin, NE Atlantic: a review of geological implications based on recent OBS data • Kjennerud, T. & Vergara, L., Cretaceous to Palaeogene 3D palaeobathymetry and sedimentation in the Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea • Planke, S., Rasmussen, T., Rey, S.S. & Myklebust, R., Seismic characteristics and distribution of volcanic intrusions and hydrothermal vent complexes in the Vøring and Møre basins • Løseth, H. & Henriksen, S., A middle to Late Miocene compression phase along the Norwegian passive margin • Keep, M. & Harrowfield, M., Basement reactivation and inversion mechanisms in the Timor and Norwegian seas • Keser Neish, J. & Ziska, H., Structure of the Faroe Bank Channel Basin, offshore Faroe Islands • Hamann, N.E., Whittaker, R.C. & Stemmerik, L., Geological development of the Northeast Greenland Shelf • Strogen, D.P., Burwood, R. & Whitham, A.G., Sedimentology and geochemistry of Late Jurassic organic-rich shelfal mudstones from East Greenland: regional and stratigraphic variations in source-rock quality • Larsen, M. & Whitham, A.G., Evidence for a major sediment input point into the Faroe-Shetland Basin from the Kangerlussuaq region of southern East Greenland • Larsen, M., Heilmann-Clausen, C., Piasecki, S. & Stemmerik, L., At the edge of a new ocean: post-volcanic evolution of the Palaeogene Kap Dalton Group, East Greenland • Kimbell, G.S., Ritchie, J.D., Johnson, H. & Gatliff, R.W., Controls on the structure and evolution of the NE Atlantic margin revealed by regional potential field imaging and 3D modeling • Smith, L.K., White, R.S., Kusznir, N.J. & iSIMM Team, Structure of the Hatton Basin and adjacent continental margin • Nichols, G.J., Sedimentary evolution of the Lower Clair Group, Devonian, West of Shetland: climate and sediment supply controls on fluvial, aeolian and lacustrine deposition • Jolley, D.W., Morton, A. & Prince, I., Volcanogenic impact on phytogeography and sediment dispersal patterns in the NE Atlantic • Smallwood, J.R. & Kirk, W.J., Paleocene exploration in the Faroe* Shetland Channel: disappointments and discoveries • Johnson, H., Ritchie, J.D., Hitchen, K., McInroy, D.B. & Kimbell, G.S., Aspects of the Cenozoic deformational history of the Northeast Faroe* Shetland Basin, Wyville* Thompson Ridge and Hatton Bank areas • Naylor, D. & Shannon, P.M., The structural framework of the Irish Atlantic margin region • Morewood, N.C., Mackenzie, G.D., Shannon, P.M., O'Reilly, B.M., Readman, P.W. & Makris, J., The crustal structure and regional development of the Irish Atlantic margin region • Dancer, P.N., Kenyon-Roberts, S.M., Downey, J.W., Baillie, J.M., Meadows, N.S. & Maguire, K., The Corrib gas field, offshore west of Ireland • Readman, P.W., O'Reilly, B.M., Shannon, P.M. & Naylor, D., The deep structure of the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland, from gravity and magnetic studies • Stoker, M.S., Praeg, D., Shannon, P.M., Hjelstuen, B.O., Laberg, J.S., Nielsen, T., van Weering, T.C.E., Sejrup, H.P. & Evans, D., Neogene evolution of the Atlantic continental margin of NW Europe (Lofoten Islands to SW Ireland): anything but passive • Haughton, P., Praeg, D., Shannon, P.M., Harrington, G., Higgs, K., Amy, L., Tyrrell, S. & Morrissey, T., First results from shallow stratigraphic boreholes on the eastern flank of the Rockall Basin, offshore western Ireland • Holford, S.P., Turner, J.P. & Green, P.F., Reconstructing the Mesozoic-Cenozoic exhumation history of the Irish Sea basin system using apatite fission track analysis and vitrinite reflectance data • Hurst, A., Fraser, A.J., Fraser, S.I. & Hadler-Jacobsen, F., Deep-water clastic reservoirs: a leading global play in terms of reserve replacement and technological challenges • Hadler-Jacobsen, F., Johannessen, E.P., Ashton, N., Henriksen, S., Johnson, S.D. & Kristensen, J.B., Submarine fan morphology and lithology distribution: a predictable function of sediment delivery, gross shelf-to-basin relief, slope gradient and basin topography • Martinsen, O.J., Lien, T. & Jackson, C., Cretaceous and Palaeogene turbidite systems in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea Basins: source, staging area and basin physiography controls on reservoir development • Gjelberg, J., Martinsen, O., Charnock, M., Møller, N. & Antonsen, P., The reservoir development of the Late Maastrichtian-Early Paleocene Ormen Lange gas field, Møre Basin, Mid-Norwegian Shelf • Hamberg, L., Dam, G., Wilhelmson, C. & Ottesen, T.G., Paleocene deep-marine sandstone plays in the Siri Canyon, offshore Denmark - southern Norway • Fraser, A.J., Hilkewich, D., Syms, R., Penge, J., Raposo, A. & Simon, G., Angola Block 18: a deepwater exploration success story • Vear, A., Deep-water plays of the Mauritanian continental margin • Fries, G., Nadeau, P.H. & Scotchman, I.C., Understanding petroleum systems: an overview • Swarbrick, R.E., Seldon, B. & Mallon, A.J., Modelling the Central North Sea pressure history • Scotchman, I.C. & Carr, A.D., Modelling the effects of transient overpressure on the petroleum systems of the UK North East Atlantic Margin and northern North Sea areas: implications for the deep water South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico • Nadeau, P.H., Bjørkum, P.A. & Walderhaug, O., Petroleum system analysis: impact of shale diagenesis on reservoir fluid pressure, hydrocarbon migration, and biodegradation risks • Clarke, S.M., Burley, S.D. & Williams, G.D., Dynamic fault seal analysis and flow pathway modelling in three-dimensional basin models • Wendebourg, J. & Trabelsi, K., How wrong can it be? Understanding uncertainty in petroleum systems modelling • Winefield, P., Gilham, R., & Elsinger, R., Plumbing the depths of the Central Graben: towards an integrated pressure, fluid and change model for the Central North Sea HPHT play • Justwan, H. & Dahl, B., Quantitative hydrocarbon potential mapping and organofacies study in the Greater Balder Area, Norwegian North Sea • Vejbæk, O.V., Frykman, P., Bech, N. & Nielsen, C.M., The history of hydrocarbon filling of Danish chalk fields • Rasmussen, E.S., Vejbæk, O.V., Bidstrup, T., Piasecki, S. & Dybkjær, K., Late Cenozoic depositional history of the Danish North Sea Basin: implications for the petroleum systems in the Kraka, Halfdan, Siri and Nini fields • Schneider, F.J.S., Understanding the diagenetic evolution of potential reservoirs in fold/thrust belts: an example from eastern Venezuela • Christie, P.A.F. & Robein, E., Recent advances in geophysical technology: introduction and review • Kristiansen, P. & Waggoner, J., Using multicomponent seismic data to better characterize and manage reservoirs • Chadwick, R.A., Arts, R. & Eiken, O., 4D seismic quantification of a growing CO2 plume at Sleipner, North Sea • Vejbæk, O.V., Rasmussen, R., Japsen, P., Bruun, A., Pedersen, J.M., Marsden, G. & Fabricius, I.L., Modelling seismic response from North Sea chalk reservoirs resulting from changes in burial depth and fluid saturation • Egan, M.S., The drive for better bandwidth and resolution • Connolly, P.A., Wilkins, S., Allen, T., Schurter, G. & Rose-Innes, N., Fluid and lithology identification using high-resolution 3D seismic data • Suiter, J., Romani, R., Arnaud, J., Hollingworth, S. & Hawkins, K., Reducing structural uncertainties through anisotropic pre-stack depth imaging: examples from the Elgin/Franklin/Glenelg HP/HT fields area, Central North Sea • van der Burgh, J. & Douma, J., Pre-stack depth migration and velocity model building for imaging in the North Sea • Smit, D., Biegert, E. & Mondt, J., Advances in subsurface imaging using potential field technology: gravimetry sensors and applications • Japsen, P., Andersen, C., Andersen, H.L., Andersen, M.S., Boldreel, L.O., Mavko, G., Mohammed, N.G., Pedersen, J.M., Petersen, U.K., Rasmussen, R., Shaw, F., Springer, N., Waagstein, R., White, R.S. & Worthington, M., Preliminary results from investigations of seismic and petrophysical properties of Faroes basalts in the SeiFaBa project • Blanco, J., Borehole seismic: what does it bring to the understanding of the reservoir? • Davies, R.J., Gras, R. & Payre, X., A vision for 3D seismic technology and visualization • Dart, C., Denichou, J.M., Bridger, T., Haugen, R., Sjøholm, J., Halvorsen, Å., Øye, V. & Seim, M., Three-dimensional visualization for well placement and geosteering: Njord Field, offshore mid-Norway • Colleran, J., Loutit, S., Kaiser, K., Hakes, W.G., Sumner, W.R., Archer, S. & Criddle, D., Applications of visualization in the Britannia Field, UK North Sea • Scorer, J., Fuller, N., Malcolm, J. & Bruner, J., The MacCulloch Field: improving reservoir characterization through time-lapse analysis • Leadholm, R.H., Austin, T.J.F. & Ostendorf, P.F., Using spectral decomposition as a hydrocarbon indicator tool in the Norwegian Sea • McClay, K.R., Dooley, T., Whitehouse, P.S. & Anadon-Ruiz, S., 4D analogue models of extensional fault systems in asymmetric rifts: 3D visualizations and comparisons with natural examples • Gibson, D., Turner, J.P., Spann, M. & Wright, T., Automated interpretation of geological fault surfaces imaged in 3D seismic data • Posamentier, H.W., Application of 3D seismic visualization techniques for seismic stratigraphy, seismic geomorphology and depostional systems analysis: examples from fluvial to deep-marine depositional environments • Huuse, M., Cartwright, J.A., Gras, R. & Hurst, A., Kilometre-scale sandstone intrusions in the Eocene of the Outer Moray Firth (UK North Sea): migration paths, reservoirs and potential drilling hazards • Carrillat, A., Hunt, D., Randen, T., Sonneland, L. & Elvebakk, G., Automated mapping of carbonate build-ups and palaeokarst from the Norwegian Barents Sea using 3D seismic texture attributes • Kayser, A., Kellner, A., Holzapfel, H.-W., van der Bilt, G., Warner, S. & Gras, R., 3D visualization of a rock sample, Rotliegend sandstone, Southern Permian Basin: applications for core analysis and petrophysics • Thomson, K., Extrusive and intrusive magmatism in the North Rockall Trough • Dooley, T., McClay, K.R., Hempton, M., & Smit, D., Salt tectonics above complex basement extensional fault systems: results from analogue modelling • Index


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