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Oil & Gas in Alpidic Thrustbelts & Basins of Central & Eastern Europe

Product Code: MPB29
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G. Wessely and W. Liebl (OMV, Austria)
Publication Date: 17 December 1996
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Arising from the 1994 EAGE Conference in Vienna, this book details the history, status and future of oil and gas exploration and production in the Alpine-Carpathian realm.

Deep exploration in these regions is not as advanced as in shallow simple basins because of the geological complexity of the deformed thrust zones which results inlimited seismic application, high cost drilling and increased risks. The questions remain of how large is the hydrocarbon potential of the very deep plays which may be explored and what is the potential of unconventional hydrocarbons in low permeable very thick gas-saturated sequences.

Exploration at extreme depths is not attractive under today's economic conditions but may provide large gas reserves in the future. Thick developments of sedimentary rocks resulting from deposition or by tectonic accumulation are characteristic in this realm.

At the moment exploration is focused on relatively shallow targets and benefits from the rapid development of geophysics and geological interpretation facilities. In some cases old production areas are achieving new importance by the application of geophysical direct detection methods, discovering missed hydrocarbon accumulation, by horizontal drilling or enhanced recovery. Nevertheless, within the Alpidic realm new exploration targets are to be expected. The realization of this aim is one of the main purposes of this book.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-73-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-73-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 456
Weight: 1.85 kg


History and status of oil and gas exploration and production • Oil and gas fields in Poland • Oil and gas in the Ukrainian part of the Carpathians and their foredeep • Hydrocarbon resources of Romania - an overview • Overview of the oil and gas exploration and production of Bulgaria • Outline of the Bulgarian petroleum sector • Hydrocarbons in Hungary - exploration and development (abstract) • Results of recent oil and gas exploration in the Czech Republic (abstract) • Slovakian part of the Vienna Basin - exploration results - traps in deltaic deposits - further perspectives (abstract) • Hydrocarbons in Austria: past, present and future • Petroleum geology of the German Molasse Basin (abstract) • Tectonic setting of the thrustbelt/basin system • Tertiary kinematics in the Alpine Carpathian-Pannonian system: links between thrusting, transform faulting and crustal extension • Thrustbelts • Eastern Alps, Alpine-Carpathian transition area, Southern Alps • Exploration results in thrust and subthrust complexes in the Alps and below the Vienna Basin • Ultra-deep drilling in the Vienna Basin - a review of geological results • Principles of abnormal pressure related to tectonic developments and their implication for drilling activities (Bavarian Alps, Germany) • Basin analysis of the Gosau Group of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Turonian-Eocene, Eastern Alps) • Modelling seismic data quality problems in the Vienna Basin, Eastern Austria • The Glinzendorf Syncline below the Vienna Basin in Slovakia • Testing a new kind of explosive for seismic acquisition in the Alps • Seismic modelling from outcrop sections of conglomeratic deep-sea fan complex (Gonfolite, Southern Alps, Lombardy) • Gravity data for the definition of crustal structures in the Alps and Apennines • Carpathians • Tectonic evolution and oil and gas generation at the border of the North European Platform with the West Carpathians (Czech Republic) • Oil and gas in the Northern Carpathians • Cretaceous-Early Miocene subsidence and the related source and reservoir rocks in the Moldavids • Balkanides, Hellenides • Development of the Triassic evaporite basin in the eastern Balkan-Forebalkan foldbelt • Structure and deformation of the External Hellenides based on seismic data from offshore Western Greece • Foreland • Eastern Alpine Foreland, Intramontane Molasse • Stratigraphy and hydrocarbons in the Upper Austrian Molasse Foredeep (active margin) • Evolution of the Lower Inn Valley Tertiary and constraints on the development of the source area • The autochthonous Cretaceous at the southern edge of the Bohemian Massif (Austria) • Palaeohydrodynamics in exploration • Carpathian Foreland and adjacent areas • Some results of seismic exploration in the Carpathian Fordeep of southern Moravia (abstract) • Canyons within the slope of the Bohemian Massif created subsequent to the meteoric impact at the end of the Mesozoic • Southern Seas of Russia - main results of geophysical investigations for oil and gas • Investigations of the deep structure of the Eastern European Platform using seismic refraction data • Seismogeological features of the crust in Romania • Model of Permo-Triassic evolution in the northern part of the Moesian Platform, Romania • Hydrocarbons in overpressured pelitic Neogene bodies from the Focsani Depression, Romania • Tectonic setting of the Romanian offshore at the pre-Albian level • Tectonics and petroleum prospects of the Bulgarian offshore area • Intramontane basins • Vienna Basin • Sedimentary-tectonic development and Austrian hydrocarbon potential of the Vienna Basin • Oil-oil and oil-source rock correlations in the northern Vienna Basin and adjacent flysch zone • Lower to Middle Miocene sedimentation model of the central Vienna Basin • A review of IOR activities in the Vienna Basin • A 3D seismic survey of the Slovak part of the Vienna Basin • Tectonics and hydrocarbon accumulations of the western margin of the Vienna Basin in south Moravia (abstract) • Pannonian Basin system • Styrian Basin • Structure, development and hydrocarbon potential of the Styrian Basin (Pannonian Basin system, Austria) • Pannonian Basin • Compression during extension in the Pannonian Basin and its bearing on hydrocarbon exploration (abstract) • Danube Basin • The structural and facies development and exploration potential of the Slovak part of the Danube Basin • Organic geochemical appraisal of the hydrocarbon potential of the Danube Basin, Slovakia • East Slovakian Basin • Exploitation of natural gas in the East Slovakian Neogene (abstract) • Temperature-pressure relations in Eastern Slovakia


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