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Special issues - September 2020

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Thematic special issues from e-journals which the Library provides offsite access to for Fellows using 'Athens' logins are listed below. Open Access special issues which require no passwords are also listed.

Volcanism in Zealandia and the SW Pacific: Part 1: Regional, South Island and Antarctic Volcanism

New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics vol.63 No. 4
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This special issue contains 12 papers on volcanism in New Zealand and south west Pacific region.

Including Dunedin Volcanic Group and magmatism in Antarctica


New developments in geochemical proxies for paleoceanographic research

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta vol.287 Pages 1-390
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This special issue brings together a set of 21 papers presenting new developments in paleoproxy research, with applications to analysis of redox, productivity, nutrient cycling, salinity, and other properties from modern and deep-time depositional systems.

Embedded foundations under complex loading

Geotechnique vol.70 No. 8 Pages 655-749
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Themed issue based around the performance of foundations under complex loading, inspired by the increasing interest in modern infrastructure developments that face a challenging loading environment. Examples include the installation of large numbers of wind turbines (both onshore and offshore) and the demand for fully earthquake-resistant foundations..

Taxonomy and distribution of modern organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments from the Northern Hemisphere: an update of Rochon et al., 1999

Marine Micropaleontology vol.159
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The three main contributions of this volume provide short taxonomic descriptions of the known dinoflagellate cyst species that have a geological record extending to modern times in the Northern Hemisphere.

Quaternary InternationalLoess records of environmental change

Quaternary International vol.552 Pages 1-174
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While processes of loess formation are ongoing subjects of research, the value of loess and intercalated paleosol horizons as archives of paleo-environmental change has attracted large attention for many decades. This special issue provides insights into topics of Quaternary research by compiling recent studies on loess deposits from Europe, West and Central Asia as well as the Chinese Loess Plateau with special regard on less well-known loess covered areas of the Southern Eurasian loess belt such as Iran.

Quaternary InternationalPeopling dynamics in the Mediterranean area between 45 and 39 ky ago: state of art and new data

Quaternary International vol.551 Pages 1-264
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The purpose of this special issue titled is to extensively review and update current knowledge on the critical problem of the arrival of MHs in southern Europe. Most contributions focus on the relationship between Late Mousterian and transitional-Early Upper Palaeolithic technological and material cultural assemblages, as well as on the emergence of the Initial Upper Palaeolithic assemblages in the Near East. 

Continuous compaction control: past experience, practical applications and future developments

Geotechnical Engineering vol. 173, no.4, pages 283-375
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Seven reviewed conference papers on continuous compaction control: past experience, practical applications and future developments. Six of the contributions address the use of vibratory rollers and one paper describes surface compaction by vibratory plates.