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Special issues - May 2019

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Thematic special issues from e-journals which the Library provides offsite access to for Fellows using 'Athens' logins are listed below. Open Access special issues which require no passwords are also listed.

Journal of Asian earth sciencesFormation and enrichment of tight (shale) oil resources in Chinese continental basins

Journal of Asian earth sciences vol.178 Pages 1-242 (July 2019)
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This special issue summarizes the results of a research project into Chinese tight oil resources. This explored the formation mechanism, enrichment patterns and prospecting method as an integrated system which has significance for the exploration of unconventional oil and gas in China and provides new insights for theories and models of unconventional petroleum.

Hydrogeology journalGroundwater in sub-Saharan Africa

Hydrogeology journal vol.27 issue 3 Pages 815-1110 (May 2019)
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The aim of the special issue is to provide hydrogeological ‘snap-shots’ that, when taken together, characterize current groundwater research, development, and management in sub-Saharan Africa from the perspective of hydrogeologists from sub-Saharan Africa.

Rock mechanics and rock engineeringDeep mining

Rock mechanics and rock engineering vol.52 issue 5 Pages 1275-1597 (May 2019)
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Recent trends and challenges in deep mining are discussed in this special issue. The papers consider support systems, field monitoring, analysis of rock bursts, laboratory and in situ observations, in situ stress measurement, coal permeability, and the evolution mechanism of coal and gas outbursts.

Ore geology reviewsSpecial issue on geologic remote sensing

Ore geology reviews vol.108 Pages 1-158 (May 2019)
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This special issue of contains nine papers on a variety of geological applications of remote sensing. Geographic regions covered include Antarctica, Australia, China, India, Oman, Russia, Tibet, and Mars.

Swiss journal of geosciencesThe Alps as part of a larger system of Circum-Mediterranean orogens

Swiss journal of geosciences vol.112 no.1 Pages 1-268 (March 2019)
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This special issue contains 14 papers that were presented at the 13th Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies held in Zlatibor (Serbia) on September 7th–18th 2017. Geographic areas featured in these papers include Austria, the Carpathians, the Dinarides, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Mineralium depositaOre deposits in the Variscan basement of Central Europe

Mineralium deposita vol.54 no.2 Pages 153-328 (February 2019)
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The contributions to this special issue illustrate the relevance and scientific value of studying deposits which were thought to be mined out or uneconomic. These studies illustrate that there may be significant exploration potential, given that the genesis of many of the deposits has remained only poorly understood.

Rock mechanics and rock engineeringHydraulic fracturing in hard rocks

Rock mechanics and rock engineering vol.52 issue 2 Pages 299-640 (February 2019)
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This special issue highlights the status quo of in situ monitoring of hydraulic fracturing mechanisms in hard rock. Results from cross-scale experiments include hydraulic testing on laboratory core samples, hydraulic in situ experiments conducted in underground research facilities, and data obtained from borehole monitoring of hydraulic fracture operations in the field. Numerical studies of the initiation and growth process of hydraulic fractures allow verification of the experimental results.

Precambrian researchPrecambrian geological events and metallogeny

Precambrian research vol.326 Pages 1-478 (15 June 2019)
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Most of the 25 papers in this special issue cover major geological events and their associated mineralization that happened in the North China Craton during the Precambrian. There are also papers on Precambrian geological events and mineralization in western China, Korea, Russia, Brazil, and Argentina.

New Zealand journal of geology and geophysicsSedimentary archives of eastern Whanganui Basin: a record of sea level fluctuation, tectonic uplift and Quaternary volcanism

New Zealand journal of geology and geophysics vol.62 no.2 Pages 147-290 (May 2019)
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This issue contains papers on landscape evolution, Quaternary sedimentology and tephrostratigraphy, evidence of prehistoric earthquakes, removing trace (and other) elements from coal mine drainage water, Quaternary evolution of the Alpine Fault near Haast, the Miocene-Pleistocene evolution of the North Island Fault, and data from a borehole image log in the East Coast Basin.