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Special issues - May 2020

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Thematic special issues from e-journals which the Library provides offsite access to for Fellows using 'Athens' logins are listed below. Open Access special issues which require no passwords are also listed.

Antarctic scienceBunger Hills: the hidden Antarctic Oasis

Antarctic science vol. 32 no. 2 Pages 71-166 (April 2020)
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The Coastal and Shelf-seas of New Zealand and Germany: Findings from the INTERCOAST Graduate Training Group

Geo-marine letters vol. 40 no.2 Pages 1432-1157 (April 2020)
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Special Issue on the Importance of Geostatistics in the Era of Data Science

Mathematical geosciences Vol. 52, no.3 Pages 874-8953 (April 2020)
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The topics covered in this issue, including aquifer modelling, remote sensing, renewable energy, soil geochemistry, contaminated land and risk assessment and monitoring of fish habitats, demonstrate the diversity and practical utility of geostatistical methods. The approaches explored within this special issue fall into three areas: spatial and temporal modelling, multivariate geostatistics and Bayesian inference.

Kalgoorlie Au-Te deposits

Mineralium deposita Vol. 55 no. 4 Pages 1432-1866 (April 2020)
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Tsunami geoscience: present knowledge and future challenges

Sedimentology Vol. 67 no. 3 Pages: i-iv, 1189-1600 (April 2020)
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