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Special issues - March 2018

2018 special issues

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Thematic special issues from e-journals which the Library provides offsite access to for Fellows using 'Athens' logins are listed below. Open Access special issues which require no passwords are also listed.

Earth and environmental science transactions of the Royal Society of EdinburghFossil insects, arthropods and amber

Earth and environmental science transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh vol.107 no.2/3 Pages 1-331 (January 2018)
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This volume comprises 28 papers resulting from the 7th International Conference on Fossil Insects, Arthropods and Amber. The papers are about crustaceans, insects, bivalves, fungi and plants; ranging in age from the Devonian to the Miocene. The latter three groups, along with many of the insects, are preserved in amber from the Lebanon, Spain, Myanmar, India, the Baltic Region and the Dominican Republic.

Quaternary science reviewsLate Glacial to Early Holocene socio-ecological responses to climatic instability within the Mediterranean basin

Quaternary science reviews vol.184 Pages 1-224 (15 March 2018)
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This volume discusses patterns of past climate change, local and regional environmental responses to climatic deterioration, and the effects climate has had on past population dynamics and human resilience. The papers represent a new generation of works, from case studies analysing multi-proxy evidence on key sites, to regional studies based on the meta-analysis of palaeoenvironmental and archaeological data sets. They cover analysis of pollen and charcoal data sets, the geomorphological and geo-archaeological study of sedimentary records, analysis of large mammals, micro-mammals and amphibian assemblages, and tephro-chronology, radiocarbon Bayesian modelling and radiocarbon palaeodemographic modelling.

Quaternary internationalFrom taphonomy to human paleoecology

Quaternary international vol.466 pt.B Pages 107-340 (18 February 2018)
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Papers in this issue are global in geographical extent and cover three general topics, faunal taphonomy, Pleistocene dispersals and megafaunal extinctions, and human and historical ecology.

Quaternary internationalFilling the geographic gaps in the human evolutionary story

Quaternary international vol.466 pt.A Pages 1-106 (1 February 2018)
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The papers in this volume present summaries of the current state of research as well as new evidence from recent work from regions in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant and Eastern Mediterranean, and Central and Southeast Asia. These papers are derived from a symposium at the 84th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists which took place in St. Louis, Missouri in 2015.

Marine geologyGeological records of extreme wave events

Marine geology vol.396 Pages 1-230 (1 February 2018)
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This special issue is derived from the ‘Geological Records of Extreme Wave Events’ sessions held at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) annual meetings in April 2016 and April 2017 and contains 16 papers highlighting the latest developments in the field. These cover three broad themes: modern analogues, long-term records and modelling of extreme wave events.

Journal of Asian earth sciencesLoess and climatic record

Journal of Asian earth sciences vol.155 Pages 1-198 (15 April 2018)
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Most of the papers in this special issue relate to Chinese loess deposits. Topics covered include, tracing their provenance, using loess-paleosol sequences to research palaeoclimatic changes, palaeoclimatic records of eolian Neogene Red Clay, and dating loess deposits. In addition, there are three papers on loess deposits in Serbia, Asia and North America, and Tajikistan, and the volume starts with a biography of Professor Liu Tungsheng.

Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecologyThe Late Cretaceous Nemegt ecosystem: diversity, ecology, and geological signature

Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology vol.494 Pages 1-172 (1 April 2018)
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This volume introduces multidisciplinary methodologies as proxies to understand the Late Cretaceous Nemegt ecosystem in Mongolia. This approach is mirrored in the array of subjects discussed. The papers cover dinosaur fossils and tracks, stratigraphy, environment, repatriating poached dinosaur fossils, and high-resolution maps of Khulsan and Nemegt localities.

Journal of geochemical explorationUrban geochemical mapping

Journal of geochemical exploration vol.187 Pages 1-214 (April 2018)
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This special issue is a continuation of the published textbook ‘Mapping the Chemical Environment of Urban Areas’, and presents urban geochemical results from both URban GEochemistry (URGE) project cities Hämeenlinna (Finland), Karlstad (Sweden), Prague (Czech Republic) and Sisak (Croatia), and non-URGE project cities, Lefkosia (Nicosia, Cyprus), Berlin and Stassfurt (Germany), Attica (Hellas), Kristiansand (Norway), Beira (Mozambique), Warsaw (Poland) and Idrija (Slovenia).