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New Books January 2014

Aeolian islands   Antarctic300    Isle of Man   Barrande   

The Aeolian Islands volcanoes.
Lucchi, Federico [et al.] (eds.)      
London: Geological Society, 2013.
(Geological Society memoir (London); 37).
"Edited by F. Lucchi, A. Peccerillo, J. Keller, C.A. Tramme and P.L. Rossi." - T.p. ; Available online at . ; Contents of DVD: Bathy-morphological map of the Aeolian sector; 1:10,000 geological maps and     
Location:  [Serial]

29th De Beers Alex L. du Toit Memorial Lecture: Revolutions in the earth sciences: continental drift, impact and other catastrophes.
Reimold, Wolf Uwe          
Pretoria: Geological Society of South Africa, 2007.
(South African journal of geology; 110 (1)).
Location:  [Serial]   

30th [i.e. 31st] Alex L. du Toit Memorial Lecture: The Okavango Delta and its place in the geomorphological evolution of southern Africa.
McCarthy, T. S.      
Pretoria: Geological Society of South Africa, 2013.
(South African journal of geology; 116 (1)).
Location:  [Serial]   

Antarctic palaeoenvironments and earth-surface processes.

Hambrey, Michael J. [et al.] (eds.)   
London: Geological Society, 2013.
(Geological Society special publication (London); 381).
"Edited by M.J. Hambrey, P.F. Barker, P.J. Barrett, V. Bowman, B. Davies, J.L. Smellie and M. Tranter." - T.p. ; One of three volumes of papers arising from "... the XIth International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences, held in Edinburgh, Scotlan     
Location:  [Serial]

Disposal of high-level waste from nuclear power plants in Denmark [Phase 1]. Vol. 2: Figures.
ELSAM (Cooperative) ; Elkraft A.m.b.A.
[Ballerup, Denmark]: [ELKRAFT], 1978.
Cover title. ; "Report prepared by Elkraft and Elsam.  Sent to the printers 3rd July 1978" - Cover. ; Includes maps of salt domes in Jutland, structural geology and gravity maps. ; Donated by Dr. M. Price.
Location:  YF 621.039.7(489) ELS

Disposal of high-level waste from nuclear power plants in Denmark [Phase 2] : salt dome investigations : report.
ELSAM (Cooperative) ; Elkraft A.m.b.A.
[Ballerup, Denmark]: [ELKRAFT], 1981.
"Report prepared by ELSAM and ELKRAFT." - T.p. ; Contents: v.1. Summary. - v.2. Geology (2 vols.; text & figures). - v.3. Material testing. -v.4. Repository design. - v.5. Safety evaluation. ; Spine title: Disposal of High Level Waste Phase 2. ; Dona     
Location:  YF 621.039.7(489) ELS

The Isle of Man. - 3rd rev. ed.
Ford, Trevor D. ; Burnett, David J. ; Quirk, David G.  
[London]: Geologists' Association, 2013.
(Geologists' Association guide; 46).
Location:  55(428.9) FOR

Joachim Barrande: ríkali mu jemnostpán.
Marek, Jaroslav ; Saric, Radko ; Kácha, Petr     
Praha: Ceská geologická sluzba, 2013.
In Czech and English. ; Includes lists of publications by and about Barrande.
Location:  92 BAR     

Results of geological investigations for high-level waste disposal in the Mors Salt Dome : proceedings of a symposium, Copenhagen, 18th and 19th November 1981.
ELSAM (Cooperative) ; Elkraft A.m.b.A.
Frederica, Denmark: ELSAM, 1982.
Donated by Dr. M. Price.   
Location:  YF 621.039.7(489) ELS

Rocks and fossils and how to identify them.
Crabtree, J. H. (John Henry), 1863-   
London: Epworth Press, [1921].
Location:  Y 55 CRA   

Special issue: Phytoremediation of polluted soils.
Bech, Jaume [et al.] (eds.)
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2013.
(Journal of geochemical exploration; 123).
"... an outgrowth of the Session SSS3.3 "Phytoremediation of polluted soils" of the International Conference held in Vienna (Austria) in 2011, on behalf of the European Geosciences Union." - Preface.
Location:  [Serial]   

Special issue: Rare earth elements: the role of geology, exploration and analytical geochemistry in ensuring diverse sources of supply and a globally sustainable resource.
Foley, Nora (ed.) ; De Vivo, B. (Benedetto) (ed.) ; Salminen, Reijo (ed.)    
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2013.
(Journal of geochemical exploration; 133).
Location:  [Serial]   

Special issue: Varve genesis, chronology and paleoclimate.
Francus, Pierre (ed.) ; Ridge, John C. (ed.) ; Johnson, Mark D. (ed.)        
Uppsala: Geological Society of Sweden, 2013. (GFF; 135 (3/4)).
"This special issue arose from the third workshop of the PAGES [Past Global Changes] VWG [Varves Working Group] held in Manderscheid [Eifel, Germany, 21-23 March 2012] ... ." - Editorial. ; Meeting abstracts published as Terra nostra: Schrigten der G     
Location:  [Serial]   

Special issue: a multi-discipline approach for understanding sediment transport and geomorphic evolution in an estuarine-coastal system.

Barnard, P. L. (ed.) ; Jaffe, B. E (ed.) ; Schoellhamer, D. H. (ed.)         
Amsterdam; London: Elsevier, 2013.
(Marine geology; 345).
Location:  [Serial]   

Thematic set ... : The stone cycle and conservation of historic buildings.
Cassar, J. [et al.] (eds.)
London: Geological Society, 2013.
(Quarterly journal of engineering geology and hydrogeology (London); 46 (4)).
A companion volume is "... set to appear in a Geological Society special publication [vol. 391] (Cassar et al. 2014)." Intro.        
Location:  [Serial]   

[30th Alex L. du Toit Memorial Lecture:] From the mantle to the bank: the life of a Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulphide deposit.
Naldrett, Anthony J.
Pretoria: Geological Society of South Africa, 2010.
(South African journal of geology; 113 (1)).
Paper written " ... as the De Beers Alex L. du Toit lecturer of the Geological Society of South Africa for 2008." - Acknowledgments.
Location:  [Serial]   

[Special issue: Geological disposal of radioactive waste: underpinning science and technology:18th_20th October 2011, Burleigh Court Conference Centre, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK ].
Evans, N. D. M. (ed.)
Royal Society of Chemistry
London: Mineralogical Society, 2012.
(Mineralogical magazine; 76 (8)).
Catalogued title from the introduction, p. 2865. ; Online only - Open Access.

[Special issue:] IGCP 596, Mid-Paleozoic climate and biodiversity: proceedings of the opening meetin in Graz, Austria (September 19-24, 2011).

Kido, Erika [et al.] (eds.)
International Geoscience Programme (IGCP). Project; 596
Praha: Czech Geological Survey, 2013.
(Bulletin of geosciences (Praha); 88 (2)).
Location:  [Serial]   

[Special issue]: Antarctic earth sciences: ISAES XI plenary volume.

Siegert, Martin (ed.) ; Bradwell, Tom (ed.)      
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Edinburgh: RSE Scotland Foundation, 2013.
(Earth and environmental science transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh; 104 (1)).
"... an invited collection of five keynote papers presented by plenary speakers at the 11th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences (ISAES), held in Edinburgh, 10-15th July 2011" - Preface. ; "Additional research papers given at the Sympo     
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