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Glaciogenic Reservoirs and Hydrocarbon Systems

1-2 December 2009, The Geological Society London

Recent interest in glaciogenic successions has been fuelled by hydrocarbon discoveries in ancient glaciogenic reservoirs in North Africa, the Middle East and South America. Pleistocene glacial deposits are mainly renowned for their important groundwater resources but also contain hydrocarbons in both N America and NW Europe. Despite their economic importance as reservoirs and associated seal and potential  ydrocarbon source rocks, exploration of these systems is extremely challenging as glaciogenic sedimentary environments are complex and still poorly understood compared to most other sedimentary  nvironments. A better understanding of glaciogenic processes and products may be achieved by comparing ancient glaciogenic sequences to better understood modern analogues and recent glacial environments.

This international conference brought together, for the first time, leading researchers from industry, government and academic institutions involved in the research of glaciogenic sedimentary environments and their resource significance, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge across disciplines.

Abstract Book:

Special Publication: SP368


Sediment Body Geometry and Heterogeneity: Analogue Studies for Modelling the Subsurface

 22-23 October 2009, The Geological Society London  

Advances in the collection, analysis and application of datasets derived from analogues (outcrop, flume, seismic) to modelling reservoir properties for predicting subsurface fluid flow.


• Analogue analysis techniques: outcrop, flume tank studies, seismic studies,

minipermeametry, data analysis.

• Analogue studies from all depositional environments

• Application of analogues via geological models to reduce

subsurface uncertainties

• New geological modelling methods - process-based and hybrid process

- geostatistical methods

Abstract Book:

Special Publication:  SP387



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