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2007 meeting resources

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Investing in Prospects

27-28 November 2007, The University of Aberdeen

This two-day seminar was of significant value to those Earth Science undergraduates and postgraduates that are considering a career in petroleum exploration and production. In addition it provided an excellent career development opportunity for young petroleum geoscientists already employed in the industry. The seminar will address the ways in which petroleum economic analysis techniques, allied with the concepts of risk and uncertainty, are used in assessing petroleum geoscience related investment decisions: should money be invested in drilling a particular prospect; how should choices be made between competing prospects; how much is a prospect worth?

Approximately 50% of the time will be spent in discussing concepts, in seminar style, and the remainder in applying those concepts, in a simulated licence round game.

South Atlantic Petroleum Systems: Exploring Mesozoic Gondwana Break-up Basins

6-7 November 2007,  The Geological Society London  

This conference explored numerous aspects of the petroleum systems of the South Atlantic basins with particular reference to the Mesozoic Gondwana break-up of Southern Africa, South America and  Antarctica and its subsequent influence on hydrocarbon prospectivity. Whilst several of these basins are producing hydrocarbon provinces others remain to be fully explored. Papers will be presented on the Falkland Islands, Antarctica, South and West Africa, and South America covering a wide range of topics, including: regional palaeo geographic evolution, lithospheric structure, distribution of petroleum source intervals, latest developments in exploration activity and the application of innovative technologies.

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Emerging Plays in Australasia

17-18 July 2007, The Geological Society London

The economies and countries of the Australasian region are growing at a prodigious rate. Meeting the demand for energy that this growth entails has revitalized hydrocarbon exploration; rejuvenating existing plays, and generating new ones. This international conference was convened by the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society to review the past and reflect on future potential in these vast and diverse petroleum provinces. It covered all aspects and all scales from individual field development to regional tectonics and petroleum systems. It aimed to bring together oil company geologists, local institutes and academics to discuss the challenges and opportunities.

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From Outcrop to Asset: Recent Advances in Digital Outcrop Data Collection & Modelling Techniques

10-11 January 2007, University of Manchester  

Recent advances in digital outcrop data collection techniques (DGPS, Photogrammetry, Satellite imagery, LIDAR etc), reservoir modelling and visualisation software offer the potential for improved reservoir modelling based on outcrop analogues. Many of these data collection methodologies allow rapid acquisition of large amounts of data, introducing challenges in manipulation, processing and modelling. By integrating different quantitative data collection and interpretation approaches outcrop analogue data offers significant improvements to our geological understanding of subsurface reservoirs. This conference  summarised the current state of play and address future developments in this field.

Conference Themes:

• Digital outcrop data collection and modelling

• Comparisons of quantitative outcrop techniques

• Reservoir modelling of outcrop analogues

• Application of outcrop models to the subsurface oilfield studies

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