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SWRG Younger Geoscientist Evening

Robin Hayward receiving his award from Dr Mark Anderson

SWRG Younger Geoscientist Event 2011

This year the Younger Geoscientist evening was held in conjunction with the SWRG Schools Competition at Torquay Girls' Grammar School.

There were three excellent presentations across a diverse range of subjects:

Robin Hayward (South Dartmoor Community College - who recently undertook a Nuffield Bursary project with the University of Plymouth) - "Foraminifera change at Zumaia during the Paleocene – Eocene Thermal Maximum"

Rhoddri Jerrett (Lecturer at the University of Plymouth) - "Coal petrology: a new proxy for climate change in deep time"

Danielle Pullen (Frederick Sherrell Limited) - "Geological Mapping Techniques used in the Assessment of Rock Faces"

The winner of the award this year was Robin Hayward.

SWRG Younger Geoscientist Event 2010

The Younger Geoscientist evening in December was well attended with an interesting variety of talks.
  • Ben Tucker (Geotechnics) - Monitoring the Weymouth Relief Road
  • Leah-Marie Foster (University of Plymouth) - Micropalaeontology and palaeoecology of the Middle Jurassic Wattonensis Beds, Dorset, UK.
  • Steve Bishop (Ruddlesden Geotechnical) - The Investigation and Remediation of a Potentially Anthrax-Contaminated Site in North Devon.
  • Deborah Wall-Palmer (University of Plymouth) – The preservation of Pteropods from the Caribbean Sea as an indicator of past ocean acidification.
  • Andrew Green (IGI Ltd) - From the Arabian Desert to the Smallest Biomarker
  • Mr Saleh ben Sfoog Al Enezi (University of Plymouth) – Solving Middle Miocene palaeoenvironments using recent Arabian Gulf foraminifera, Eastern Saudi Arabia
The prize for the best presentation was awarded to Leah-Marie Foster of University of Plymouth.