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Committee Members

The expertise of the commission members are given in brackets after each member.


Prof. Andy S. Gale  (Orbital cyclicity, Cretaceous stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and isotope stratigraphy)


Dr Colin N. Waters (Carboniferous stratigraphy, Anthropocene)

Publications Editor

Dr Tiffany L. Barry  (Radiogenic dating, basalt geochemistry)


Dr. Paul R. Bown (Triassic-Cenozoic calcareous nannofossils, biostratigraphy, secretary general International Commission on Stratigraphy, Secretary of International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy)
Dr Angela L. Coe (Sequence stratigraphy and the geological timescale)
Dr Dan Condon (Isotope geochemistry, U-daughter geochronology, Earth system science)
Prof John C.W. Cope  (Jurassic ammonites & biostratigraphy, Ordovician bivalves, Ediacaran faunas, palaeogeography of UK)
Prof Phil L. Gibbard  (Quaternary stratigraphy, sedimentation, chair International Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy)
Dr F. John Gregory (Jurassic-Tertiary microfossil stratigraphy; foraminifera, radiolaria, diatoms, silicoflagellates)
Prof. Steve Hesselbo (Sedimentology, climatic change in the Mesozoic)
Dr Mark W. Hounslow (Magnetostratigraphy, the Triassic, magnetic geochronology, magnetic sediment tracing)
Dr. David Kemp (Astronomical forcing, Triassic and Jurassic stratigraphy)
Dr Andrew C. Kerr  (Oceanic plateaus, large igneous provinces)
Prof John E.A. Marshall  (Devonian events, palaeoclimate, palynology, hydrocarbon source rocks, thermal maturity measurement)
Dr. Ken McNamara (Palaeobiology, trilobites, echinoids, evolution and development in the fossil record)
Dr Michael J. Oates (Jurassic, UK on- and offshore, petrophysics, petroleum related aspects)
Prof. Paul N. Pearson  (Micropalaeontology, paleoceanography, geochemistry, evolutionary patterns and processes)
Dr John H. Powell (Jurassic and Carboniferous stratigraphy of the UK, Phanerozoic of Jordan, especially Cretaceous)
Prof. Peter F. Rawson  (Cretaceous, Jurassic)
Dr Alan G. Smith  (Global reconstructions, geological time-scale, tectonics)
Dr. Craig Storey (Precambrian, early plate tectonics, isotopic dating)
Dr Owen Sutcliffe (Sequence stratigraphy, Palaeozoic stratigraphy)
Dr Mark Williams  (Cambro-Ordovician stratigraphy and biostratigraphy)
Dr Jan A. Zalasiewicz (Graptolite biostratigraphy, sedimentology, dating mudrock successions, Anthropocene)