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Copy Deadlines

All immediate, short news items intended for inclusion in the magazine ('People' & 'Society News') should be emailed to or by the following copy deadlines. 

Please note:

  • these dates may change.  You are advised to check back here regularly!
  • these deadlines do NOT apply to features, Soapbox contributions, Reviews, or Obituaries.  To discuss the submission of these longer-form items, please contact


 Deadline Date

  January 19
  February 9
May   March 16
June   April 20
July   May 18
  June 15
  July 20
October   August 17
November   September 21
  October 19
February 2019
  December TBC

If you've missed a deadline, the Society newsletter may be able to help. Take a look at the deadlines for the newsletter or contact for more information.