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Geological Repository Systems for Safe Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuels and Radioactive Waste

adthuyFrom the mid-20th Century, civil nuclear power generation, military R&D and nuclear weapons production, together with the widespread use of radioactive materials in medicine, academia and industry, have all have generated significant radioactive wastes of various forms, quantities and levels of radioactivity. Geological disposal has been selected, developed and implemented over the past 50 years by many nuclear ‘active’ nations, as the safest and most effective final disposal method for the management of these waste materials.

The volume presents 26 chapters arranged within five thematic parts. Chapters in Part One introduce the topic and context of geological disposal, providing an overview of near-surface, intermediate depth and deep borehole disposal (covering low, medium and high-level wastes). Part Two describes the different types of repository systems (crystalline, clay and salt-hosted) and methods of repository site surveying and construction. Chapters in Part Three focus on the repository engineered barrier systems, covering nuclear waste canisters through to buffer and backfill materials. Finally, chapters in Parts Four and Five address aspects of repository safety, security and social ‘acceptability’, concentrating on repository performance assessment, radiation protection, environmental monitoring and social engagement. Each chapter contains its own individual reference section.

This is the second edition of this established reference work and has been comprehensively revised, updated and expanded (the Editors claim that an additional 25% of new material has been included on contemporary topics of importance). The volume critically reviews the current technologies and scientific methodologies relating to the long-term, safe geological disposal and management of nuclear wastes. In addition to the scientific and technical aspects of geological disposal, the political, regulatory and societal issues involved are also discussed, using key examples to illustrate both international and national perspectives on the issues raised.

The primary readership is anticipated to be practising geoscientific professionals within both the UK and international radioactive waste management industries. However, this volume additionally provides a rigorous and comprehensive public information source for the general scientific or environmentally concerned reader, and governmental or regulatory official requiring a thorough contemporary understanding of the scientific developments informing their decision-making. A recommended read and valuable reference work.

Reviewed by Mark Griffin

GEOLOGICAL REPOSITORY SYSTEMS FOR SAFE DISPOSAL OF SPENT NUCLEAR FUELS AND RADIOACTIVE WASTE (SECOND EDITION) by MICHAEL J APTED & JOONHONG ANG (editors). Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy. 2017. Elsevier. ISBN 978-0-08-100642-9. Hbk. 802pp. List Price: £290.00. W: