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Seismic Amplitude - an interpreter's handbook

wrtuThis book provides a comprehensive overview of the basics theory of seismic amplitude and a practical guide to the methods of seismic amplitude interpretation for the identification and location of hydrocarbons and reservoir characterisation.

It includes more advanced interpretation techniques such as Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) analysis, seismic inversion and rock physics modelling as well as detailing multiple applications of such methods illustrated by data examples from around the world. Simm and Bacon initially examine the fundamentals of seismic reflectivity and modelling theory for seismic interpretation, including seismic polarity, phase, wavelets and resolution.

The full mathematical equations are provided at all stages but they do not overwhelm the reader. The reasons and methods for performing well tie analysis are discussed in the following chapter. These earlier topics are clearly explained and underpin the more advanced discussions on amplitude and AVO interpretation, rock physics for seismic modelling and seismic trace inversion.

The majority of the book focuses on these more advanced techniques and their basis in the relationship between rock properties, seismic amplitude and AVO analysis. The rock properties and rock physics chapters show the reader how the interpretation of seismic data relates to real-world geological and geotechnical parameters. The seismic amplitude applications section is likely to be of particular interest to active interpreters with topics including the derivation of litho/fluid-facies and reservoir properties from seismic data, time-lapse seismic and the use of amplitudes in prospect evaluation.

The estimation of reservoir properties from deterministic inversion, simple regression, calibration and uncertainty, mapping using geostatistical techniques, as well as net-pay estimation are discussed. Items such as the time-lapse feasibility scorecard and Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI) checklist are handy references for active interpreters. The authors display their extensive industry experience throughout this book, while all terminology is simply and clearly explained. A large number of references are also included to direct readers to further associated literature.

This small hardback book is logically laid out and contains many informative colour data examples from around the world. Included throughout the numerous figures illustrate the text well and help make this book a suitable practical guide for students and beginners as well as an excellent reference for more experience geoscience professionals.

This book is well written and is very good value at such a reasonable price; I would recommend it for anyone looking to find out more about this subject.

Reviewed by Caroline Mason

2014 Published by Cambridge University Press. Hardback. ISBN 978-1-107-01150-2 271pp List Price £45.00