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Earth Science Week 2013

Earth Science Week will take place on 7 – 13 October.  With a theme of ‘Geology Outside’.  Jo Mears reports.

The Society wants to encourage greater appreciation of the geology on our doorstep in the UK – whether you live in the city or the countryside.  Regional and national events will run throughout the week, culminating in a Great Geology Walk on Saturday 12 – we hope as many people as possible will join us!

Walks can be self-guided, using material made available on our website; or you can participate in one of many walks being organised by Regional Groups.  However you choose join in, we would love to see pictures.  Tweet us @geolsoc using #greatgeowalk, or email

  • For more information about Earth Science Week events and how to take part, visit

Sarah Day writes: as our contribution to Earth Science Week 2013, Geoscientist is setting out to unravel an urban conundrum – with your help!

lklAcross the country, Victorian pavements and kerbstones are dotted with mysterious markings. Whether letters, symbols or shapes, no-one seems to know what these engravings mean. Following Peter Dolan’s June 2013 article (Geoscientist 22.05), our crack reporters have been searching for an answer; but not even the Worshipful Company of Paviors (est. 1479) has the answer. Quarry marks? Delivery instructions? Pointers to local services? Clues to a Da Vinci Code-style treasure hunt? We would like to know.

So, as an Earth Science Week ‘fringe event’, Geoscientist is calling on readers to help us build the largest kerbstone markings database the world has yet seen. If you spot a mysterious marking, snap it, use our handy identification guide to tell us about the rock it is carved in, and send us the information! You can find our guide at

Email pictures to, or tweet us @geoscientistmag using #kerbsurvey. The official data gathering week is 7 – 13 October – but there is no need to wait until then!

Oh, and we promise that if the ‘Dan Brown’ theory pans out, any proceeds will go to a well known charity of our choice. No 210161.