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Shifting a GEEA

Neal Marriott, Publishing Director

 GEEA moves to Lyell Collection, writes Neal Marriott

Geoscientist 18.9 September 2008

Fellows receiving Journal of the Geological Society or Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology will be familiar with the online presence of their title within the Society’s Lyell Collection. From September 2008 our journal Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (GEEA) – co-owned with the Association of Applied Geochemists - which has been hosted by Ingenta since its launch in 2001, will be joining the Lyell Collection suite of titles. The online services available within the Lyell Collection include the highest levels of linking and connectivity, and feature full text HTML as well as PDF versions of published papers.

Eligible Fellows will be able to access GEEA from late September using their existing Lyell Collection username and password (all Fellows were sent login details for both the Lyell Collection and the Society’s own website last year, although you may since have amended them on either site). Further details will follow in an email to be sent to GEEA subscribers later in September.

Institutional subscribers will also receive the benefit of GEEA’s presence on the Lyell Collection, and the title will be included in the Society’s successful content package, the Lyell Collection Complete. GEEA is already available within GeoScienceWorld.