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Chartership news

;oiBill Gaskarth, Society Accreditation Officer, has news about Ground Engineering and Mentoring.

RoGEP Applications

Chartered Geologists working in Ground Engineering (broadly Engineering Geology, Geotechnics, Hydrogeology, Contaminated Land, Shallow Geophysics) are automatically eligible for the Professional Grade on the Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (RoGEP).

The procedure for application and acceptance on the Register has been somewhat complicated in the past.  Happily, we now have an agreed a simpler procedure.  Scrutineers will in future indicate that the successful applicant has fulfilled all the requirements for professional grade, whereafter placement on the Register will be automatic (applications for the higher grades will still require a full application).

A guide for application for RoGEP is now on, along with a downloadable RoGEP application form.


A second course on mentoring training/awareness, run by John and Trudy Arthurs, was held on 1 July in Manchester with some 19 participants.

The course agenda contained the following parts; What is a Mentor?  What makes a good Geologist?  Basic mentoring skills; Mentoring principles and process, and Coaching demonstration and practice.  Around 40% was taken up with practical exercises.

Feedback questionnaires indicated attendees found the course very beneficial and all gained an understanding of what mentoring is about.  There was a strong feeling that such a course should be made more widely available - the only criticism being that half a day was perhaps too short.

There appears to be a need for mentoring training, to help companies support the development needs of younger staff and the route to Chartership.  It would support mentoring aspects of those accredited company training schemes which require mentors for all trainees.

John and Trudy provided their professional services free for both this and the earlier course.  The Society covered their travel costs.  If we were to run further courses then they would have to cover all costs, including professional fees, venue hire and other expenses.   A take-up of at least 20 per course is likely to be needed to keep the cost to individuals reasonable.

I would like to hear from Fellows if they support the development of further courses, to gauge the level of interest and determine a reasonable course fee.  Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcome.  Please contact me at E: [email protected].