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New university courses accredited

Geoscientist Online 27 November 2008

The Accreditation Panel has recently accredited the following programmes:

Taught Masters:

Newcastle University, School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

  • MSc in Petroleum Geochemistry (Full time/Part time)

First degree:

University College London, Department of Earth Sciences
  • BSc Geology
  • MSci Geology
  • MSci International (Geology)
  • BSc Environmental Geoscience
  • MSci Environmental Geoscience
  • MSci International (Environmental Geoscience)
  • BSc Geophysics
  • MSci Geophysics
  • MSci International (Geophysics)

We look forward to further applications for the accreditation of taught Masters programmes in the near future. Application forms are available from the Accreditation Officer, or may be downloaded from the Society’s website.

The accreditation of seven programmes taught by the Faculty of Earth Sciences at the King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah was reported in an earlier edition of Geoscientist (see Geoscientist, vol.18, no.8, p.9). In addition, we are now actively seeking applications from overseas universities for the accreditation of both First Degree and taught Masters programmes. We have had contacts from Abu Dhabi, King Saud University in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong and will be following these up to encourage applications. It is the intention of the Panel to encourage applications from overseas institutions, as this will be a source for new Fellows and hopefully for CGeols.

Further to this, graduates from accredited overseas departments will also be good candidates for accredited UK MSc programmes. Should any Fellows have contacts and suggestions for links overseas we would be very pleased to hear about them. Full details can be obtained from the Accreditation Officer, who will be happy to respond to queries.

Bill Gaskarth (Chair, Accreditation Panel)
Colin Scrutton (Accreditation Officer; [email protected])