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New Specialist Group formed

The Society welcomes the formation of a new Specialist Group dedicated to the study of Contaminated Land, writes Dawne Riddle.

The investigation and management of contaminated land is a multi-disciplinary science bringing together different geological specialisations (e.g. hydrogeology, engineering geology and geochemistry) together with other non-geological professionals (e.g. chemists, toxicologists, engineers).   This puts geoscientists at the forefront of efforts to develop the conceptual site models that robust and defensible contaminated land risk assessments depend on, and makes the Geological Society the natural home for those specialising in this sector.

The Contaminated Land Group will hold meetings, conferences, seminars, webinars, training courses and workshops; represent and promoting the Geological Society and its science strategy in respect of land contamination issues; promote and support those seeking chartership (CGeol or CSci) as land contamination specialists, and promote and support those seeking to join the SiLC, RoGEP and SoBRA registers and taking part in the Land Forum backed 'National Quality Mark Scheme'.

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