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Election results

The advisory ballot for Council, conducted by Electoral Reform Services, closed on 31 March.

A total of 1962 valid votes were cast for the position of President-designate. 1829 voted in favour of Nick Rogers’ name going forward to the formal ballot at the Annual General Meeting on 7 June 2017, 68 voted no and 65 abstained. Nick Rogers’ name will go forward.

A total of 2017 valid votes were cast for the remaining four vacancies on Council. The results were as follows:

 Name  Number of Votes 
 Jessica Smith  1255 (62.2%)
 John Talbot  1044 (51.8%)
 John Booth  947 (47.0%)
 Lesley Dunlop  714 (35.4%)

 Quentin Crowley  670 (33.2%)
 Bernie Vining  626 (31.0%)
 Neil Mitchell  445 (22.1%)
 Toby Strauss  431 (21.4%)
 Alexander Yeadon  362 (17.9%)

Notification of Officers for 2017/2018

At the AGM Fellows will be asked to elect the following members of Council as Officers for 2017/18:

President: Mr Malcolm Brown

Mr Keith Seymour

                        Mr John Talbot (if elected to Council)

Secretaries: Dr Marie Edmonds

                  Dr Colin North

                  Dr Katherine Royse

Secretary, Foreign &

External Affairs:
Dr Sarah Gordon

Treasurer: Mr Graham Goffey