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Publications night 2016

The annual occasion, held to thank all Editors of Society publications for their hard work, also included the presentation of ‘young author’ awards by both the Journal of the Geological Society and the Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, by their respective Chief Editors.

kljhLeft: Dr Quentin Crowley (Trinity College, Dublin), outgoing Chief Editor, JGS, presents the JGS Young Author of the Year Award for 2015 to William McCarthy (University of St Andrews) for his part in the co-authored paper 'Distinguishing Diapirs from inflated plutons: an integrated rock magnetic fabric and structural study on the Roundstone Pluton, Western Ireland' JGS 172 (5) 550-565. (by McCarthy, Petronis Reavy and Stevenson).

;lkjRight: Catherine M Hirst (Durham University) accepts the W Dearman Award 2015 from QJEGH Chief Editor Eddie Bromhead, for her role in the co-authored paper 'The late field life of the East Midlands Petroleum Province; a new geothermal prospect?' (QJEGH 48 (2) 104-114. (by Hirst, Gluyas and Mathias)