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Chartership news

Gaskarthresized.JPGBill Gaskarth, Chartership Officer, has news of more accredited company training schemes and  university courses.

Recent additions to the list of companies having Accredited Training Schemes are GRM Development Solutions Ltd, ERC Equipoise and Fugro Seacore.  The ERC Equipoise scheme is the second from the Oil and Gas  sector joining that of RPS Energy.

This brings the number of Accredited Schemes up to 15, though when we count company offices in Hong Kong and Australasia that have adopted a scheme first accredited in the UK, or whose scheme has been adopted in the UK, the number climbs to 19.  The list of companies with their logos are shown on the Society's web pages.  In addition we have received an application from Listers Geotechnical, which is presently being reviewed.

Interest has been expressed, with an intent to apply, by a number of other companies and it is expected that numbers of Accredited schemes will increase substantially over the next few months.  The Chartership Officer continues to visit companies to advise and support applications for Accreditation of schemes and also to make presentations to early career geologists who are preparing for Chartership. Similarly visits to Regional Groups to give talks on Chartership continue to increase in number.

Cardiff MSc

The MSc in Applied Environmental Geology at Cardiff University has just been Accredited.  This brings the number of Accredited MSc courses up to 15.  These are at the following universities; Newcastle (4), Manchester (2), Leeds (2), Portsmouth (2), Imperial (2), Heriot Watt and Derby.  The list of courses can be found on the Society website, by going to the Course Accreditation page in the Education section.