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Chartership news

GaskNew road to chartership:  At its February meeting Council agreed an additional route to Chartership for Fellows with more than 20 years’ professional experience.  Bill Gaskarth reports.

This new route is designed to encourage senior geologists to take up the title, promote it in their workplace and within the profession generally.  Information on the procedure and an application form are available on the Society’s website (click ‘Chartership and Professional’ then ‘Apply for CGeol’).  Any queries should be directed to me at [email protected].

CGeol eligibility

The minimum number of years’ relevant experience required for eligibility to apply for Chartership is lower for applicants holding a degree accredited by the Society.  An accredited first degree (BSc, MGeol, MSci etc) provides the opportunity to apply after gaining a minimum of five years’ relevant experience as opposed to six years for those without.  Holding an accredited MSc degree reduces the minimum to four years.

At present most geoscience undergraduate degrees in the UK are accredited (or have accredited pathways).  Others at the University of the West Indies, University of Hong Kong, and King Abdulziz University and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, are also accredited.  Vocational MSc courses at Newcastle, Portsmouth, Manchester and Heriot Watt Universities are accredited.  We hope others will apply in the near future.

Company Training Schemes

Jacobs (China) Ltd has had its training Scheme accredited by the Professional Committee on March 26.   This brings the number of accredited schemes to five as those of Atkins, Arup, CEDD Hong Kong and Gammon Construction have been accredited previously.  Several other companies have expressed an interest and we expect to receive applications in the near future.

Information on accreditation procedures can be found on the website (click Membership and then Chartership and Professional).  Enquiries about the scheme should be directed to [email protected].