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Commercial breaks bring business

Corporate affiliates visit the Summer Exhibition. Photo: Ted Nield

Corporate Affiliates help the Society move forward, say Colin Summerhayes (Chairman, Development and Fundraising Committee (DFC)), Peter Dolan and Mark Steeves.

Geoscientist 21.04 May 2011

As members of the Corporate Affiliates scheme, companies large and small are investing in the science on which their businesses depend. Sixty five now belong to the scheme, from Bronze, through Silver and Gold to Platinum (see

Their contribution strengthens the Society’s ability to carry out its mission professionally, such as defraying the costs of meetings, the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, of engaging with schools, of library services, public outreach, and government advice.

They and their staff enjoy full unrestricted access to the library; up to five free room-hires a year and generous privilege rates at all other times; reduced attendance rates; a free copy of Geoscientist; listing on and links from our website to theirs; acknowledgement in the Annual Review and Publications Catalogue, and Special Publications at 20% discount (for any staff member).

The scheme aims to help Corporate Affiliates keep up to date with scientific developments vital to their businesses, to develop business and scientific contacts and strengthen existing relationships. Affiliates and clients are invited to an annual corporate hospitality and networking event. Last year (November 17) this featured volcanologist Prof. Nick Petford (Vice-Chancellor, University of Northampton) on the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjällajökull, a spectacular example of how geological activity can interfere with the world of business.


On July 6, the Society will begin a series of annual workshops on topics of special interest to specific industries. The first, organised by DFC members Peter Dolan and Mark Steeves, will be for Upstream Oil & Gas Insurance Underwriters, entitled “Between a Rock and a Hard Market - the interface between insurance underwriting and subsurface/drilling risk assessment”. Please consult the Geoscientist Online version of this story for further details.

The Society, working with the Royal Academy of Arts, aims once again to arrange special access for Corporate Affiliates to the Summer Exhibition (picture). This will be combined with a reception hosted by the President, Bryan Lovell, and a lecture, most likely focusing on the recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan.

The Society can offer appropriate Affiliateship terms for small consultancies and major multinationals alike. Many current Affiliates are from the oil & gas sector. We are keen to extend into other commercial sectors, such as engineering, water, environment and consultancies. We are also keen to engage with finance and insurance, sectors that clearly have an interest in geological processes and activities.