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Society Awards 2015

The Society is delighted to announce the winners of its medals and funds and offers all its heartiest congratulations.

Wollaston Medal: Prof James Jackson, University of Cambridge.  Lyell Medal: Prof Colin Ballantyne, University of St Andrews.  Murchison Medal: Prof Geoffrey Wadge, University of Reading.  William Smith Medal: Prof Anthony Doré, Statoil.  Coke Medal: Prof Sarah Davies, University of Leicester.  Coke Medal: Prof Rory Mortimore, ChalkRock Ltd.  Bigsby Medal: Prof Daniel Parsons, University of Hull.  Prestwich Medal: Prof Alastair Robertson, University of Edinburgh.  Aberconway Medal: Dr Stuart Archer, Dana Petroleum.  Sue Tyler Friedman Medal: Dr David Branagan, University of Sydney.  Distinguished Service Award: Prof John Catt, University College London.  R H Worth Prize: Mr Peter Loader, Teacher (formerly St Bede’s School, Manchester).  Wollaston Fund: Dr Stefanie Hautmann, University of Bristol: William Smith Fund: Dr Sarah Bradley, Utrecht University.  Lyell Fund: Dr Esther Sumner, University of Southampton.  Murchison Fund: Dr Sebastian Watt, University of Birmingham.

President’s Award winners will be announced later.   Awards will be presented at President’s Day, 3 June 2015.