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Jenny Davey has the latest from the Geological Society Publishing House

hjklhThe late Ordovician Soom Shale Lagerstätte: an extraordinary post-glacial fossil and sedimentary record

By Sarah E Gabbott, Claire Browning, Johannes N Theron and Rowan J Whittle

Fossils of the Late Ordovician Soom Shale Lagerstätte are characterized by exceptional preservation of their soft tissues in clay minerals. The low-diversity community lived in an unusual cold-water setting, dominated by anoxic bottom waters, in the immediate aftermath of the Hirnantian glaciation. Giant conodonts represented by complete tooth sets, and one with trunk musculature and liver preserved, unarmoured jawless fish, lobopods and enigmatic taxa are some of the more important fossils, as well as biomineralized brachiopods, orthoconic nautiloids and trilobites.

kljhRelationships between bright amplitudes in overburden rocks and leakage from underlying reservoirs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

By Trine Helle Simmenes, Christian Hermanrud, Remi Ersland, Lidia Georgescu and Ole Christian Engdal Sollie

Identification of the locations where hydrocarbon traps leak is of significant practical importance, especially if the leakage controlled the present-day fluid contacts. We have investigated the fluid contacts of five structural traps offshore Norway that are dry or underfilled, and which have apparently had larger hydrocarbon columns in the past.

New and Recently Published Books

jklhSP443: Radioactive Waste Confinement: Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers

Edited by S Norris, J Bruno, M Van Geet and E Verhoef

GSL Fellows’ Price £50

It is internationally accepted that the safest and most sustainable option for managing radioactive waste is geological disposal, utilizing both engineering and geology to isolate the waste and contain the radioactivity.  This Special Publication contains 25 scientific studies presented at the 6th conference on ‘Clays in natural and engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement’ held in Brussels, Belgium in 2015.

SP442: History of Geoscience: Celebrating 50 Years of INHIGEO

Edited by W Mayer, R M Clary, L F Azuela, T S Mota and S Wołkowicz

GSL Fellows' Price £60

kljThe study of the Earth’s origin, its composition, the processes that changed and shaped it over time and the fossils preserved in rocks, have occupied enquiring minds from ancient times. The contributions in this volume trace the history of ideas and the research of scholars in a wide range of geological disciplines that have paved the way to our present-day understanding and knowledge of the physical nature of our planet and the diversity of life that inhabited it.