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Library review

Nic Bilham writes: During 2010, Council asked a group led by former President Peter Styles to conduct a thorough review of the Society’s library collections and services. The group reported to Council in November. Since then, plans have been developed to implement its recommendations. You can read the full report at

Working with library staff and the Information Management Committee, Council has now agreed a policy for journal cancellations, and the Chief Librarian will be working with the Library Advisory Committee to identify candidate journals for cancellation in line with that policy and to report back to Council at its June meeting. It has also agreed a policy for the disposal of library holdings (mostly duplicate stock, and some material clearly outside the scope of the library), and a plan to make better use of the Society’s archives. Work is underway to develop plans for a pilot project to scan all maps of the African Rift Valley in the collection. Other recommendations will be taken forward in the following months.