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'MyGSL' relaunch

Users will be able to update personal information, renew Fellowship and update Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records.

What can I expect?

When launched this August, Fellows will be able to see a new MyGSL welcome page, linked from the Geological Society website. From this page you will be able to edit your profile and update personal information, including login and password. You will be able to choose your own login and password and ensure that all data is up to date. There will also be options to change and update payment methods, set up Direct Debits and manage subscriptions. (This will only be for membership subscriptions: payment for events and the bookshop remain unchanged.)

A new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system has been developed to meet the new requirements, published in January 2017*. You will be able to add personal development goals and track progress, upload documents and write overall reflections for each year.

You will also be able to submit both Fellowship and Chartership applications online, as well as request feedback and upload documents. You will also be able to pay online and check ongoing progress of the application in real-time.


The new MyGSL portal is due to be launched next month (August), though at time of writing the final ‘go-live’ date is still to be finalised. Around this time Fellows will be asked to verify personal data including email addresses. Thenceforth you will use the new MyGSL and will then be responsible for ensuring that your details are kept up to date.

What next?

Future plans include development of the website, incorporating meetings and the bookshop, facilitating the submission of proposals and providing a more effective way of searching for Earth-science related material. Other options include providing interactive online forums for collaborating with other Fellows and incorporating more mobile technologies.

We will be communicating more about these changes in coming months. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me, the Project Manager, at E: [email protected].