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Geology STEM Ambassadors

k,jhiluScience, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries are recognised as a vital element of the overall UK economy, and geoscience in particular underpins many of society’s most important issues. However skills shortages in these areas threaten our capacity for growth, so we’re keen to engage younger generations in STEM subjects to minimise this skills gap.

Picture: Amy Ball (left) and colleague help to inspire the next generation of geoscientists.

Topics such as climate change, natural hazards and energy resources already form considerable parts of both the primary and secondary school curricula in science and geography; but as geology is not often taught as a single subject, students and teachers may not recognise it as a separate science, and career options are left unexplored.

To address this, the Geological Society has joined forces with STEM Learning, who run the STEM Ambassadors scheme. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers, from a broad range of jobs and backgrounds, who are passionate about inspiring young people. Through this scheme the Society will be encouraging anyone who is interested in geology outreach to sign up as a Geology STEM Ambassador.

We will also be encouraging teachers to request Geology STEM Ambassadors to give geoscience-themed talks and workshops in schools. To support this we are developing additional useful resources for both Ambassadors and teachers to use in the classroom.

  • iuoyIf you are interested in signing up to become a Geological Society STEM Ambassador; want to request a STEM Ambassador at your school; or just wish to find out more about the scheme, please visit W: