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Why not serve on a GSL committee?

Edmund Nickless (Executive Secretary) believes now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the party.

The Society is governed by an elected Council of 23 Fellows, chaired by the President.  But it cannot take forward its strategy without the help of its committees and we are seeking volunteers.  Not only will your help shape the future of the Society but serving on one of the committees gives the opportunity to network, work towards a common goal and to make a difference.  The length of service is usually three years and the year runs from June to June.


If you are able to give some of your time we invite you to volunteer to serve on one of the following committees.  You can also nominate another Fellow but please sound them out first.  We need Fellows who are able to give the time required.   Travel expenses are reimbursed but committee members receive no remuneration as such.   

Use the online form at or download a hard copy and mail it to Stephanie Jones, Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BG.  In case of difficulty please email Stephanie at [email protected].



This committee reports direct to Council and is charged with keeping under review policy and procedures relating to internal and financial accounting procedures, conducting a detailed examination of the draft annual accounts and undertaking any such matters as may be required by Council, for example, making a recommendation to Council about the selection of the Society’s auditors.  The committee meets twice a year.  Expertise required: members must have experience of financial management. 


This committee reports to the External Relations Committee.  It is tasked with establishing a vision and strategy for the development of, and support for, geoscience education in the UK, ensuring that the Society maintains a coherent policy for education at all levels in the light of national and international developments and providing guidance on the integration and management of educational activities within the Society.  The committee meets up to four times a year.  Expertise required: members are chosen to ensure that all key areas of education are covered.


This committee reports to the Science & External Relations Committee.  It is the outward-facing committee of the Society.  Its aim is to raise public awareness and understanding of geoscience, and the professional activities of geoscientists.   It co-ordinates the Society’s public statements and responds to government and other consultations.  It also looks after the Society's relationships with officials and Parliamentarians in London, and in the devolved administrations in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.  The committee meets up to four times a year.  Expertise required: experience of science communication would be helpful but is not essential.  Also experience of responding or contributing to government and similar consultations. 


The aim of the committee is to help conserve the diverse geology and rich geological and geomorphological heritage of the United Kingdom, and to pass it in good order to future generations for their investigation, education and enjoyment.  There are up to four in-person or virtual meetings a year.  Expertise required Committee members have a passion for outcrop geology and landscape, both in the UK and worldwide, together with a commitment to geo-heritage.  Overall the committee aims to balance expertise across the various branches of Earth science.


This committee is chaired by the Treasurer and reports to the Finance & Planning Committee.  It is tasked with ensuring the delivery of a budgeted level of income in each year and, if possible, real capital growth in the value of funds under investment.   It also advises the Finance & Planning Committee on investment policies, including risk profile, and on targets for income generation from investments, and monitors the performance of the Society’s investment managers.  The committee meets four times a year.  Expertise required: members do not have to be Fellows of the Society and will be selected in particular for their experience in making investment decisions. 


The aims of this group, which reports to the Publications & Information Committee, are to support the development of Library services and public engagement activities and to encourage the conservation and preservation of the archive, map and historical collections.  It meets three times a year, either in- person or remotely.  Expertise required: knowledge of the academic library world.  It would also helpful to have practical knowledge of the digitisation of material and electronic information services. 


This committee, which reports to Council, is charged with promoting professional excellence and ethical standards in the Earth sciences for the public good by defining, maintaining and developing high professional standards for geoscientists; and promoting their career developments.  The committee meets four times a year, although there may be the need for additional meetings.  Expertise required: a wish to promote the highest standards in professional excellence, not only in industry but also in academe.  The majority of the committee will be chartered geologists. 


This committee, which reports to Council, ensures that publishing and library activity are planned in accordance with the Society’s strategic priorities, and in line with financial objectives.  It advises Council on matters relating to the development of the Society’s publishing, library and information services including the fast-developing world of electronic publishing.  It also provides oversight of the scientific quality of the Society’s published output.  There are at least three in- person meetings of the committee and between times business is conducted by e-mail.    Expertise required: publishing, library, financial experience or significant knowledge or experience of electronic information services. 


This committee reports to the Science & External Relations Committee.  Its main task is to ensure that the scientific output of the Society remains entirely consistent with the Science Strategy and to develop a high quality and relevant programme of scientific meetings in London, around the UK and internationally.  As well as advising on ideas for future Special Publications/Thematic Sets it encourages publications in the Society’s Journals and Memoirs.  The committee comprises a Chair, five members of Council and five members from the Fellowship and meets three times a year.  An important aspect of the role will be to act as dedicated tags to the Specialist Groups, attend their meetings as an ex officio member and provide a two-way communication link between Science Committee and the Groups. As a result of a recent restructuring of Science Committee, there are three vacancies for Fellows with skills and interests in the following areas of Geoscience: Engineering geology, Environmental Geology & Geoscience Information and/or History.