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Memorial Trust awards

Gaskarthresized.JPGBill Gaskarth writes: Two awards under the Distinguished Geologists Memorial Trust have been made this year.  The first is to Kristoffer Harries and Richard Lavery who work for Ground Gas Solutions.  They will use the funds to carry out a project on the Surface Characterisation of the Bowland Shales using isotopic and TOC analysis.  They are looking to determine if thermogenic gases are retained in surface outcrops, to look at the adsorption capacity of the shales via their TOC values and to produce geochemical fingerprints for these hydrocarbon source rocks.  Attendance at the Shale gas UK Conference is also planned.

The second award goes to James Whiteley (TerraDat UK Ltd.).  His award will be used to finance his attendance at the EAGE Near Surface Geoscience 2014 meeting in Athens in September.  At the conference he will attend practical workshops on Seismic and GPR methods for urban micro zonation studies and also one on Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Monitoring.  In addition there is a field visit to the Laurion mining area where near surface geophysics has been used to determine safe areas for the subsurface storage of toxic products.

The awards to these early career geologists will allow them to gain skills and knowledge which will further their professional development.  DGMT makes up to two awards per year, of up to £2000 each, to early career geologists who are either working towards, or who have recently gained Chartership.  The objective is to offer support for their professional development.  A requirement of recipients is that they produce a report which may form the basis of an article to be submitted for publication in Geoscientist.

  • Information on the DGMT can be found on the Society’s web pages in the ‘Awards’ section (Society Awards).  Closing date for applications is 30 April each year and enquiries should be directed to the Chartership Officer (E: